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B1G Conference Call: Talking Ohio State Sports With Matt Brown of Land Grant Holy Land

One of the main folks over at the SBNation Buckeye community comes into the CN studios to talk about tOSU sports and such!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there! We continue our B1G Conference Call series by talking to the folks that cover Ohio State Buckeyes sports!

Matt Brown, the Managing Editor of the tOSU SBNation community Land Grant Holy-Land, stops by the Corn Nation studios for a little while to talk everything Buckeyes.

Some of the things he uncovers are

- the one thing we ask him that brings back shivers about last year

- how much he’s excited for the upcoming season in Buckeye sports

- his thoughts about Maryland & Rutgers joining the Big Ten Conference, especially living on the East Coast.

- Gene Smith, Ohio St AD, and the things he’s gone through to become the man leading tOSU Sports.

We like to thank Matt and invite you to visit LGHL to check out their great content on both Ohio State sports and Big Ten Conference things in general!

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