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B1G Baseball Takes A Hit As Tracy Smith Leaves Indiana For Arizona State

When the best team in a conference struggling for a place at the big boys table leaves for a bigger school in a bigger conference (baseball wise), it's both a blessing and curse for Nebraska.

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Here's a bomb that just got dropped on Big Ten Baseball.

Smith, who led Indiana to a Big Ten Regular Season & Tournament title this year with a National Seed in the NCAA Baseball Tournament, signed a reported five year deal to take over the Arizona State program after Tim Esmay was forced to resign as Devils HC.

Smith, the 2013 National Collegiate Baseball Writers Coach of the Year, went 93-31 over the past two years and won the Big Ten title, will be moving in to the Pac 12 conference and a brand new stadium next season.

However, this hurts more than just the Indiana program. The B1G has been fighting the urge to break off of NCAA play and losing it's most successful HC to a powerhouse down South is going to be difficult to replace.

This will, in due time, give Nebraska a chance to become the lead dog in the Conference. However, without a few other studs, there may be not much bite.

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