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Corn Flakes: Maryland, Rutgers Draw Closer to Big Ten Membership

Jon Johnston

Countdown to the B1G move: Nebraska - Testudo Times

As Maryland counts down the days until the school’s official move to the B1G, we’re getting to know our future conference foes one school at a time. Today, we preview Nebraska.

Maryland and Rutgers draw closer to becoming one of us.

Previews of them are coming soon. SOON.

EA Sports might bring back college football game, if it can pay players -
EA put the "NCAA Football" series in hold back in 2013, then settled its case with the O'Bannon plaintiffs.

UT Administrator Chris Plonsky Testifies at Ed O’Bannon NCAA Trial - Barking Carnival
UT's women's athletics director, Chris Ponsky was the first witness called by the plaintiffs' in the O'Bannon anti trust suit, and both sides found parts of her testimony to their liking.

Judge poses key questions to Mark Emmert in O'Bannon v. NCAA - College Football - Andy Staples -
Mark Emmert testifies in O'Bannon v. NCAA: Judge Claudia Wilken poses key questions to Emmert during his time on the stand.

Big Ten fighting for survival by adding Maryland, Rutgers in 2014 - College Football - Stewart Mandel -
Brian Cook lives in Ann Arbor and is the founder of the popular Michigan fan site, yet he's in no rush to drive the two miles from his house to the Big House this season. The Wolverines' home conference schedule consists of four teams -- Minnesota, Penn State, Indiana and newcomer Maryland -- that failed to crack the final top 50 of the Sagarin ratings last season. Michigan has been sending emails pleading with fans to renew their season tickets. "It seems like they keep pushing and pushing to see what our breaking point is," Cook says of the conferences's power brokers. "They keep doing things they know people will hate."

Jim Delany's not 'compelled' by Big Ten expansion concerns. Here's a response. -
Adding Maryland and Rutgers risks what's left of the Big Ten's football reputation, no matter how many television markets it opens up.

Asking NCAA compliance stupid questions about athlete food rules -
You have serious questions about the NCAA's new rules on the feeding of college players. So we contacted a university compliance officer in one of America's tastiest cities. We did not ask any of your serious questions.

Transfer Rule Changes Coming, but Who Makes Call? -
The leaders of big-time college sports agree that transfer rules need to better accommodate players.

Big Ten Basketball Leads Nation in Attendance for 38th Straight Year - BIG TEN CONFERENCE Official Athletic Site
The Big Ten Conference led the nation in men's basketball attendance for the 38th consecutive season according to figures recently released by the NCAA.

4 college football teams who need more wins to avoid recruiting losses -
For recruiting to stay hot, each of these teams must start winning more games.

Nick Saban Involved in Very Weird Jets-Patriots Conspiracy Theory - Team Speed Kills
It's worth noting before we get into the latest rather bizarre bit of gossip surrounding Nick Saban that the New England Patriots beat Mike Pettine regularly and badly when he was the defensive...

The Curious Case of Devin Gardner - Off Tackle Empire
The underappreciated Devin Gardner is the key to Michigan's success in '14


Maryland and Rutgers are probably going to make it a bit harder for you to see Iowa games, particularly if you live out of market.

We certainly don't care about Iowa, but this will apply to Nebraska as well.

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SB Nation spoke with intellectual property attorney Brad Newberg to learn more about the ruling to reject the Washington football team's trademark, how the appeal process might play out and what it means for the team and the NFL.

Colombia vs. Ivory Coast, 2014 World Cup: Cafeteros prevail, just barely -
Colombia look to be on their way to a knockout stage place after pulling off a 2-1 win, while the Ivory Coast have some work to do.

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"Mostly dead is slightly alive." Despite two losses, England can still advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup. Here's what their narrow and unlikely path looks like.

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SB Nation's Ryan Rosenblatt is in Brazil for the World Cup, wandering around with a large group of US Men's National Team supporters. Follow along with him.