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Damore'ea Stringfellow Leaves Nebraska At The Altar, Elopes With Ole Miss Late Thursday Night

The former Washington Wideout decided to attend the SEC school after a visit to Oxford this week.

Scott Halleran

I don't like to swear on pieces I write. But I have to here. This f'ing sucks.

Late Thursday afternoon, Rebels247, the Ole Miss Rebels website ran by 247 Sports, reported that Damore'ea Stringfellow, the exiled-from-Washington wide receiver who had agreed to come to Nebraska, was in Oxford on a visit to the Rebels campus.

Then, later in the evening, some bombs came down from Twitter.

Well, okay, maybe he went to the Nike outlet store there. YEAH THAT'S IT, he needed new flip flops...

Yep, it was happening. And then it happened.

Hey, see the bottom here? It has fallen out.

Now, obviously, the first thing here is to get pissed off and wonder why this happened. Did the staff drop the ball here? Well, it's possible. I mean, we kept hearing about the great relationship Stringfellow had with WR coach Rich Fisher. Where was Fish? On vacation, catching fish.

You can dog the staff here all you want, and I'm not going to stop you, but at the same time, if Rich Fisher knew that Stringfellow was on campus in Oxford, Mississippi 4 hours to the Northwest of him, he's either 1) getting on a plane to where he is or 2) detonating his phone to find out what's up and at least get an answer. That answer, mind you, didn't come to the staff till later on last night.

Others are asking how this works, how Stringfellow can sign papers for Nebraska and yet leave. This is how I understand it, so therefore this is how I will explain it:

When you transfer from D1 to D1 school, there is no such thing as a Letter of Intent (LOI). You simply are given papers that are called grant-in-papers. Basically, it's the school committing to you that, if you do enroll at said school, you'll be on X scholarship. When it comes to football, Nebraska had Stringfellow sign papers (and vice versa) saying that if Stringfellow enrolled and started classes, Nebraska would place him on a football scholarship.

Those papers are binding to the school, but not the player. Theoretically, the player could get those papers from a few schools; it's just a matter of what school he wants to start taking classes with. Nebraska was committed to give Damore'ea a scholarship, but Damore'ea wasn't committed to Nebraska until he took his first Econ 202 or whatever he had lined up. Why he wasn't on class for the first part of summer school, I can't answer that for you.

Now, I'm not going to blow up the staff on this; if Stringfellow didn't come clean about it, then how do you fight it? I suppose you can question the relationship and such and that's a fair argument. But in the end, this was about Stringfellow (and his mother, who went with him to Oxford) looked for something else and found it. You can say Ole Miss was doing the dirty and who knows. Bottom line, however, is that this is the second time since February that Nebraska has had someone committed to them and, in the blink of an eye, an SEC school takes the kid away.

So, we're back to an extra scholarship, and two fewer wideouts after Monte Harrison's signature on a contract. What Nebraska will do with them is unclear at this moment.

To end, how ironic is this tweet from yesterday?

... and then the phone rang.