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B1G Conference Call: Talking Purdue Sports With Travis Miller of Hammer & Rails

The man that does the leading of the Boilermakers SBNation community talks all things Purdue with us!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, who wants to talk Purdue Sports! OH STOP RUNNING AWAY!

We continue our B1G Conference Call series on CN with Purdue! Travis Miller, the head man over at the SBNation community Hammer & Rails, sits down with Brian and talks about the current state of Purdue Boilermakers sports.

Travis shows his love for the Maryland/Rutgers move, as well as an interesting description of not only the past season in Boiler sports, but also where the state of the AD is. Plus, a great story about his Athletic Director and why there’s a struggle just to know the name of Hammer & Rails.

Thanks for Travis for taking the time with me to do this podcast. We will keep on going down the line for all the other Big Ten schools through the entire summer.

If you missed the introductory episode of the B1G Conference Call with Patrick Vint of Iowa, check it out here.