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Corn Flakes: Tornadoes, Trials, World Cup

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Another sparse week for the Flakes as I'll be working late a lot this week and preparing for a grad party this weekend.

Plus, it's June. Have I mentioned it's June?

As you probably already know, tornadoes hit the towns of Pilger and Wisner, Nebraska yesterday. Things look, well, pretty damned awful. Please keep them in your prayers, and please post any methods by which people can send help.

A 'war zone': Tornadoes destroy more than half of Pilger, local leaders say; child killed - Nebraska
"Houses are plumb gone," Stanton County Commissioner Jerry Weatherholt said in describing the aftermath of the community's pounding by the powerful storms. "It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen."

NCAA fumbles during O'Bannon trial - College Football - Andy Staples -

Ellen Staurowsky looked a tad perplexed Monday when Luis Li handed her his smartphone. Staurowsky, a professor of sports management at Drexel University, had come to the Bay Area to testify in a federal case about the NCAA's rules. Given that the plaintiffs, who are suing to relax the NCAA's rules on athletes cashing in on their fame, had called her to the stand and given the fact that she once co-authored a paper on the topic titled "The $6 Billion Heist: Robbing College Athletes", it wasn't difficult to ascertain where she stood on the subject. So Staurowsky probably didn't anticipate an attorney for the NCAA would give her a portable telecommunications device in open court.

NCAA president Mark Emmert to testify Thursday in O'Bannon trial -
NCAA president Mark Emmert is scheduled to testify Thursday in the landmark Ed O'Bannon anti-trust trial. The association's CEO made the remarks Monday night following a Collegiate Commissioner's Association reception.

Pac-12 returned only 68 percent of its record revenues to schools -
There's another side to these conference revenue announcements. The Pac-12 announced record revenues of $334 million but didn't mention it also incurred more than $100 million in expenses in fiscal 2013

Brady Hoke's Hot Seat - Off Tackle Empire
Great recruiting, great potential, but results are needed for Brady Hoke to keep his job.

Vanderbilt Storms Ahead " College Baseball Today

Okay StitchHeads, we have our first "sittin’ pretty" team of the College World Series. It’s Anchors aweigh for the Commodores of Vanderbilt as they advance to Friday’s bracket championship game with a 6-4 win over UC Irvine tonight. We also have our first team packing their gear and heading home: the Louisville Cards. Gotta admit, not the first team I expected to be heading home from The O.

This animated map shows U.S. tweet volume before and after USMNT game-winner -

This is amazing to look see.

Watch John Brooks' winning goal from the stands in Natal -
The reaction from the USMNT fans in attendance was as crazy as you'd guess.

USA vs. Ghana: Winning ugly is the American way -
Did the United States play poorly against Ghana? No, not really. The United States played like the United States against Ghana.

Watch America go nuts over the USA win -

How does the United States advance out of World Cup Group G? -
Want to figure out how the United States can get out of Group G? We can help.