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Twitter Recap: Saunas, Tortoises and the Court of Owls

these Japanese fans will give you nightmares
these Japanese fans will give you nightmares
Jamie Squire

Kenny Bell loves video games.

But is he stuck in the matrix?

Johnny Stanton unveils his inner Batman.

Well this is awkward.

But Matt Finnin was curious.

Coach McDermott and Coach Miles went golfing together.

Faux Pelini is getting in the World Cup spirit.

Faux Pelini trolls Darren Rovell.

Faux Pelini had another chat with Michigan State punter Mike Sadler.

Kenny Bell and Tim Marlowe don’t take ESPN seriously.

John Papuchis is digging Barney Cotton’s new tattoo.

Tunnel Walk of Shame had this response.

Nebraska Football is pushing it to the max on the first day of training camp.

Matt Finnin loves summer sunsets.

But Faux Pelini wants him to man up.

On the eve of the World Cup opening match, Faux Pelini left some powerful messages for some USMNT players as well as Jurgen Klinsman and Brazilian star Neymar.

Michael Rose is pumped for the season.

So Michael Rose and Tommy Armstrong might start a tortoise farm.

It was Ameer Abdullah’s 21st birthday on Saturday.

The World Cup started on Thursday and Faux Pelini took full advantage of this sporting event.

Johnny Stanton was at Denver Comic Con on Sunday.

Faux Pelini seemed happy the Heat lost in the NBA Finals again.

And last but not least Tim Miles leaves us with this remark.

I hope these tweets gave you a few laughs. Which one is your favorite? Here is last week's entertaining Twitter Recap if you missed it. GO BIG RED!!!