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Big Red Cobcast Episode 17: Fro Better Or Fro Worse

Every Martinez is gone and Kenny Bell lied to me.

I tend to take things very personal. For example, when target was sold out of my favorite coffee I vowed revenge. When my waiter tried to upsell me to a top shelf margarita i said, "Oh you think I'm some sort of sucker!?!" and then ordered a Pabst just to prove a point. Thirdly (and this one hurt the most) Kenny Bell told me on twitter that he cut his afro off when he didn't. What hurts is that I thought we were friends. Kenny loves the fans and I'm a HUGE fan so Kenny Bell must love me a lot. Now, i know what you are saying right now, "Ryan, you egotistical shart face, it's a practical joke that Kenny played on every body, not just you. he has like 50,000 twitter followers he couldn't have been lying directly to you, He doesn't even know who you are." To that I say, point well made BUT I DON'T CARE! Jordan Westerkamp is now my favorite receiver. Take that Kenny. Who's laughing meow?

But I digress.

In this episode Joe and Mike Canale both join me in our 2nd thressome. We discuss Drake leaving and how we feel about the absense of every Martinez. We discuss the Fro situation and we talk about Husker family situations. This will probably be the most important thing you ever listen to. You are welcome in advance.

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