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Recruiting: Big Red Weekend #2 Primer

In the second of two consecutive Junior Day weekends at Nebraska, the targets get bigger.

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Well, lets get back at it this weekend.

Last week, Nebraska hosted some folks for the first of their two Big Red Weekends. While we had some bit time visitors during the week, the culmination of this coming weekend has the bigger set of the two Saturday/Sunday spots.

Of course, these are all scheduled visitors, and could change by the time this piece is 20 minutes old for all we know.

Will Sunderland - This 4 star OKC Safety has offers and hard interest from Oklahoma and Ohio State. Nebraska hoping to get something out of this.

Charlie Fessler - This Wideout from Erie, PA has a lot of interest from a lot of schools all over FBS. While he has many offers, this will be his second visit to a school (Penn State) and the first one he has a offer with. This could be your best bet for a commitment this weekend if he does indeed camp, as I have heard Fessler may not come this weekend. However, considering that Nebraska is in the lead in most peoples eyes here, I'm including him in this update regardless.

UPDATE: I have confirmed that Fessler is not coming to Lincoln this weekend. Freakin boo man. Still a Husker lean though.

Tristen Wallace - One of Nebraska's top '16 cycle targets, the QB from Desoto HS in the DFW area. The Huskers are in early on Wallace, who will definitely garner attention from schools like Baylor and Texas as he already has invites to their camp too.

Hunter Dale - The fact that Dale is even in Lincoln for BRW is a victory in itself. Hunter is wanted by a lot of schools, but Nebraska was in early and have kept contact with him through the whole time. Florida and Ohio State still look like the leaders here, and I doubt he would commit even if Nebraska was at the absolute top of the board, but there's a chance to make an impression.

I wish I could have told you that Nebraska came back from the depths of nowhere after Dale went to Columbus for the Nike camp and such to visit Lincoln this weekend, but, instead, he will not be in town to camp. And, frankly, this will probably sever all ties with Nebraska in this case, which is probably best for both parties. With Sunderland up top coming into town, there will be others to take in this class. Dale is off the board.

John Raridon - OG from West Des Moines, Nebraska is in the lead here. Could commit.

Matt Farniok - OT from Sioux Falls, early race is Nebraska and Oklahoma. Big kid.

Jared Bubak - TE from Lincoln Christian. Early in his recruiting process.

KeShawn Somerville - CB from Pflugerville. Baylor commit, but could be swayed by Charlton and Trai Mosley?

Eli Johnson - OG/C that is committed to Ole Miss. However, Nebraska has made some headway here.

'15 Commits:

Kendall Bussey

Christian Gaylord

Michael Decker


Will there be any #BOOM and such from this weekend? If there is, we'll be there to let you know about it.

(Thanks to the folks at Hudl for their videos once again. If you are a athlete or coach that wish to get your tape on their system, visit them here.)