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Corn Flakes: Indispensable Players And The World Cup Is Here!

Eric Francis

Nebraska Cornhuskers most indispensable players - ESPN

Summer is a time in college football where the only news is usually bad news. With that in mind, we're looking at the most indispensable players on each Big Ten team. By indispensable, we don't necessarily mean best. We mean the players who would be hardest to replace between now and the start of the season if they got hurt/suspended/encounter Sharknado. That could be because of their value to the team or because of a lack of depth at their position.

Nebraska's two indispensable players? Kenny Bell and Randy Gregory.

It's impossible to argue with the selection of Gregory. He will be the player that the nation will be paying attention to because it stands that he can become a dominant force on this team this coming season.

Bell - I like that choice. Ameer Abdullah might be the choice for others, but when you look at Imani Cross, Adam Taylor and Terrell Newby in the backfield, Abdullah isn't as indispensable as one might think. That doesn't mean Abdullah isn't a stand out player, and that he isn't important, but that he is simply more replaceable than Bell at this point.

Possible Wisconsin alternate uniform combination revealed - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Wisconsin's official football Twitter account tweeted a photo on Wednesday of a previously unseen all-red uniform combination.

Oh boy, an alternative uniform article.

Florida WR Coach Joker Phillips Resigns for 'Personal Reasons' - Team Speed Kills
The Gators assistant is gone less than three months before the regular season begins, and there seems to be no specific reason why he's leaving

GOODBYE JOKER P - Every Day Should Be Saturday

Making sense of reports that Joker Phillips was "forced to resign" over a "bump" - Alligator Army
Some of Joker Phillips's sudden departure from Florida makes sense. Some of it makes no sense. We tried to make as much sense of it as we could.

Injured Bama star had to pay school to use photo of his own highlight -

Even though Alabama had collected $100,000 from the catch, Tyrone Prothro had to pay for the photo of himself because he did not own the image.

The Big 12 and Big East could've merged. Here's how that would've looked -
A Baylor vs. UCF postseason game? Where have we seen that before?

A History of the Two Quarterback System at Northwestern: Part 1 - Sippin' On Purple
How Northwestern began to split snaps

The Two Quarterback System: Part 2 - Sippin' On Purple
The 2012 season brings a full-blown rotation

Two-day celebration announced to mark Maryland's official entry into Big Ten - Testudo Times
In addition to two days of activities planned by the University of Maryland, the Big Ten Network will feature Maryland in a full day of programming on July 1.

Enter BTN’s NY & NJ Big Ten Fans ‘Selfie’ Contest " Big Ten Network
Tuesday, Big Ten Network starts a three-week search for Big Ten superfans from the New York tri-state area for the most creative and inspired "selfies" taken in front of iconic New York and New Jersey locations. The lucky winners will receive prize packages, including a trip to the 2014 Big Ten Football Championship Game or the 2015 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament.



Brazil vs. Croatia, 2014 World Cup preview: Hosts face challenging opener -
Brazil would've probably hoped to open the World Cup against a slightly easier opponent than Croatia.

How Brazil recovered from embarrassment to build the world's best team -
Brazil's biggest prospects have flamed out, they've been awful in their last two big tournaments and they fired their coach less than two years ago. And yet, here they are, World Cup favorites.

Landon Donovan in hilarious World Cup video -
Hilarious LA Galaxy video shows Donovan all alone in the team offices, answering phones and playing foosball.

And Random, Wonderful Thing That Makes You Feel Better About Today's World!

Scientists condemn 'crazy, dangerous' creation of deadly airborne flu virus | Science | The Guardian

Scientists have created a life-threatening virus that closely resembles the 1918 Spanish flu strain that killed an estimated 50m people in an experiment labelled as "crazy" by opponents.

Quick, everyone recall that line in Jurassic Park by Jeff Goldboom...... yay!!! SCIENCE!