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B1G Conference Call: Talking Iowa Sports With Patrick Vint Of BHGP

One of the founders of the Hawkeye SBNation community sits down to talk Hawkeye sports, among other things

David McGee

Welcome to the Corn Nation 2014 summer podcast series. This summer, I wanted to go through all our Big Ten brethren and talk about what they thought about their specific schools athletic season. Not only that, I want to hear about the Maryland/Rutgers move to the Big Ten Conference, as well as thoughts on BTN and such.

For the first version of this, I got out the ole internet telephone and dialed up one of the guys that does podcasting right. We got a hold of Patrick Vint, one of the managing editors of Black Heart Gold Pants, the Iowa SBNation community.

We talked about a lot of things, including:

- the Big Ten Network.
- Fan Experiences at sporting events.
- could Iowa look at adding hockey like some at Nebraska want to.
- is there anyone on the hot seat at Iowa, including AD Gary Barta?

Thanks to Patrick for taking the time with me. We will be doing these through the summer heading up to Football season.