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Corn Flakes: O'Bannon Trial Continues

David McGee

Of all the things I've seen about the O'Bannon trial, this tweet by Sippin' On Purple's Rodger Sherman made by far the most sense:

Millions upon millions are pouring into collegiate sports at the same time the facilities arms race continues and coaches salaries continue to rise at a rapid rate - is it any wonder there's so much pressure for college athletes to get some compensation?

One could make the argument that if the NCAA loses this lawsuit that there will be a lot of universities with a huge problem of having committed millions to building facilities only to have that money taken away to compensate student athletes.

Ed O'Bannon v. NCAA trial, day two: Stanford economist Roger Noll questioned about competitive balance | Campus Union -
By the time court broke for the day, Noll had been on the stand for a combined seven and a half hours. He’ll be back again on Wednesday.

Colleges can't afford to pay players, but can afford $5 billion in new athletics buildings -
One of the NCAA's major arguments against paying players is that the schools don't have enough money to do it. However, a number floated out at today's O'Bannon trial by economist Roger Noll tells a different story.

MATLOCK VS. THE NCAA - Every Day Should Be Saturday


I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS: Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers Edition - Black Shoe Diaries
Our bi-weekly series telling you why Penn State will beat each and every one of its opponents this year continues with Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers, which will not #ChopPSU in 2014, or ever

Explaining Clemson's Chad Morris and the smashmouth spread offense -
Why is the Tigers' offensive coordinator annually considered one of college football's hottest head coaching candidates? An evaluation of his old-made-new offense shows the answer.

What if Mizzou had ended up in the Big Ten? Part 1: Football and EXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ - Rock M Nation
Missouri lost the first round of conference realignment when Nebraska took the Tigers' rumored spot in the Big Ten; Mizzou ended up doing even better, landing in the SEC a year later. But what might have happened if MU went B1G all along?

KU students messed with the bull, got the horns, and shame on the bull | The Kansas City Star
Earlier this year, you may have known, KU’s Student Senate voted to remove a student fee that provided about $1.1 million to the athletic department. The chancellor later overruled the decision, but compromised with a plan that will cut the subsidy to the athletic department by $350,000. The athletic department’s response is to cut out 120 of the best student seats in Allen Fieldhouse, replacing them with donor$. Sure looks like revenge, right?

10 rules for not being a gross misogynist during the World Cup -

We have some handy tips for how to treat women like actual human beings.

About soccer, but really, probably relevant for all sports.

College football schedules: Florida State ranks No. 1 | News OK

23. Nebraska: Florida Atlantic, McNeese State, at Fresno State, Miami. It’s an OK schedule. Nothing too ferocious.

Phil Steele 2014 All America Team

Ameer Abdullah, 2nd team running back, and of course, Randy Gregory 2nd team defensive line.

Huskers Add Talented All-America Catcher - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Husker softball team picked up a key addition to its 2015 roster on Tuesday, June 10, when Head Coach Rhonda Revelle announced that All-America catcher Steph Pasquale will transfer to Nebraska.

Husker second baseman Pat Kelly will skip senior season, sign with Twins - Big Red Today - Huskers

Nebraska's clean-up hitter apparently couldn't pass up the chance to play professional baseball for his home-state team.

This is too bad for Nebraska, good for Kelly.

Today's Random Interestingness:

Watch VW ad shock moviegoers with impact of distracted driving | The Verge

It's well documented that texting while driving has become an increasing problem over the years. Advertising agency Ogilvy Beijing recently demonstrated exactly what can happen if you take your eyes off the road to look at your phone.

I drive a fair amount. The number of people looking at their phones is just amazing. Their inability to maneuver their vehicles at that time... wow.