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Corn Flakes: Rutgers On Quest To Permanently Become "That Guy"

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Just so you know, this tweet from Grantland/EDSBS fame Holly Anderson describes about where I am right now:

But at least we're all doing better than Rutgers, right? RIGHT?

Here's the latest on our soon to be newest, dumbest conference member: Rutgers offered Eric LeGrand to speak at their commencement, but then rescinded to replace him with New Jersey Gov. Thomas H. Kean as the university's keynote speaker. LeGrand is a former football player for Rutgers who was paralyzed while making a tackle in 2010.

Now, this could all be a big foul up. Condi Rice was supposed to be the main speaker, but backed out. Perhaps Rutgers asked multiple people and got acceptance from both LeGrand and Kean simultaneously, then didn't bother to tell LeGrand because, oh, I don't know, they're stupid?

And they choose a politician over a paralyzed guy that's been inspirational to people because, oh, I don't know, maybe they're stupid?

It's one thing to be stupid once in a while but Rutgers has been repeatedly stupid, so stupid that it's like they're on a quest to become "That Guy", you know, that guy whom you automatically think of when something stupid happens because they've earned the reputation.

Or "that guy", the one everyone targets with internet outrage because they do something so incredibly stupid that they deserve it, especially when their stupidity was so easily avoidable.

There is one saving grace about "that guy", however and that's that he always give us someone to feel better than.

Congratulations, Rutgers! You've done it again!

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I found this amusing.

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