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Will New Footballs Mean Better Ball Security for Nebraska in 2014?

Eric Francis

The NU equipment staff began receiving their inventory of equipment for the upcoming season, and began sharing pictures on Twitter last week.

This actually might be news, and not just a preference thing. Last year, Nebraska used older, worn footballs that Taylor Martinez preferred. Those weren't Tommy Armstrong's preference, though, telling Hail Varsity in March:

"Last year they were kind of bulky and stuff like that, it was kind of hard to grip the balls and stuff like that."

Armstrong's fumble issues last season certainly were a concern. Could a different style of football improve Nebraska's ball security in 2014? Anything would help.  The "Rifle" football is supposedly designed for extra tack, for what it's worth.

Among the other new arrivals were the new shoes, featuring the RGIII Cleat:

The RGIII cleat first rolled out last fall for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, and features the adidas stripes on the heel.

And we have new helmets that will undoubtedly use the same color scheme Nebraska has traditionally used.