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Big Red Cobcast: Rants, Baseball And Bill Cal***an

Y'know who sucks? Bill Callahan.


I wish I was a baseball fan. I may have ADD and I think think that a low attention span could directly cause the inability to enjoy baseball. Or maybe not. Honestly. I wish I cared about anything as much as I do Husker football. Its an illness. A life complication. I'm a grown man, 34 to be exact and I spend a large percentage of my life comparing college aged boys. Stanton vs. Armstrong, Abdullah vs. Newby and Gregory vs. Valentine. i can't name 1 baseball player from any team on any level. Oh wait... The Big Hurt. I know that one.

This podcast is more for me than it is for anyone else I think. Its an excuse to talk to my friends about Nebraska and make jokes. So this week joe and i invited his brother over to do just that. We talk about baseball (they talk about baseball), and we have audio from former Husker coach Bill Callahan buying a TGI Fridays and attempting to change the culture. You know, like he does.

Jon Johnston also shares a rant about Lil' Red.

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