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Kenny Bell Shaves His Afro Off, Panic Ensues

The Husker WR had that mane of hair. Had the key word here.

Joe Robbins

It's a slow time in Nebraska Cornhusker Football news. There's not a whole lot going in recruiting till Big Red Weekend comes for it's 2 turns, guys are off for their Summer break before coming back for conditioning, things like that.

I mean, what could get us to make an odd post like this right after Memorial Day?



THIS IS NOW NOT A THING ANYMORE. (The hair, dunno if he still has the jacket mind you)


Gone now are the "THROW IT TO THE FRO"  and all the other things that we could say on third down and such? Now we'll have to come up with things like "WE WANT TO BURN SO THROW IT TO TURN" as to Jamal Turner gets the ball. Or something like "DON'T BE SO DAMP THROW IT TO KAMP" to get Jordan Westerkamp the ball.

And, lets not forget, if Kenny Bell gets a concussion, the very first thing people are going to say is "WELL THAT HAIR JUST PROTECTED HIM AS MUCH AS IT STOOD OUT". Riddell doesn't know what to do now.

Why Kenny Bell... why??