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Corn Flakes: 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament News

Jon Johnston

More on the 2014 NCAA Baseball tournament today.  

Oregon State, Florida, Virginia and Indiana are the top four national seeds. If Nebraska can get to a super regional, they may get Oregon State, but you can look back on our part of the bracket and get an idea of where we're at. 

I'll be completely honest. I was at the tourney as a photographer, and I hated just about everything I did. I didn't even bother uploading a gallery here, but created an album at Flickr instead. I think what bugged me is that I didn't really get any good shots of Nebraska, or at least anything I was happy with. 

Analysis: Committee Deserves Praise For Field Of 64 -

• Besides Houston and Oxford, the Stillwater Regional strikes us as particularly rugged. Top-seeded Oklahoma State welcomes No. 2 Nebraska, No. 3 Cal State Fullerton and No. 4 Binghamton. All of those teams are seeded appropriately, but all seem dangerous.

College Top 25 (May 26) -
BA's final Top 25 rankings until after the College World Series features a new No. 1 team.

Hoosiers Earn #4 National Seed, Regional Field Set - The Crimson Quarry
Thanks to a 42 win season, including a 21-3 conference record, the Hardball Hoosiers have earned the #4 National Seed, meaning that they will not leave Bart Kaufman Field for any tournament game...

NCAA Baseball Tournament 2014: Overview of the Tournament, Terps' opponents - Testudo Times
Maryland received a #2 seed and travel down to Columbia, SC. The Terps have done well against teams making the NCAAT, going a combined 13 - 11. As a result of their success they're in a "manageable" bracket..

2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament DI |
Interactive Bracket for this year's tourney.

It’s a No-Dogpile Sunday in Omaha. « College Baseball Today
I can’t start with anything else here besides that record-setting crowd in Omaha for today’s Big 10 title tilt. Indiana may have won the game and Nebraska given them a run for the money, but the REAL story of the day is the 19,965 fans which filed through the turnstiles today to see this game and give it a College World Series atmosphere.

2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Bracket, Schedule and TV Times Released for SEC Teams - Team Speed Kills
Ten of the (SEC) conference's 14 teams made it into the national playoff, setting a record for the most berths ever earned by one conference in the history of the event. Two of those teams -- No. 2 Florida and No. 8 LSU -- gained national seeds.

The Official & Only Authoritative Site Of Cheese Rolling At Coopers Hill In Gloucestershire.

The annual Gloucestershire 'Cheese Rolling and Wake' has been taking place for possibly hundreds of years. It may have been started by the Phoenicians, the Ancient Britons or the Romans. The remains of an Ancient Britons' fort stand at the top of the hill, and the Romans are known to have inhabited the area. Research undertaken so far is not complete, but documentary evidence shows that Cheese Rolling on Cooper's Hill was already an old tradition in the early 1800s.

I had never heard of this before, but find a video and conclude that there are truly insane people in the world and they like to gather together for the silliest of events. I can tell you that one bounce down this hill and I would probably be throwing up all over everyone else.