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This Week on Twitter: Giraffes, Wisdom Teeth and a Bar Mitzvah

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

John Papuchis is happy to see Ameer Abdullah receive some recognition.

Faux Pelini explores the thoughts of giraffes.

I think this would increase the viewership of College Game Day.

Mauro Bondi hates bandwagon fans.

Austin Cassidy hates the words "summer school".

I wonder what Faux Pelini did this time.

Practice Practice Practice!

Johnny Stanton had his wisdom teeth pulled.

Good things happen when Tunnel Walk of Shame tweets about Husker Baseball.

Matt Finnin has a point here.

Faux Pelini has a message for all stat geeks.

Matt Finnin is a ladies man. But can he trust her this time?

Ameer Abdullah and Josh Mitchell spending some quality time together on Memorial Day Weekend.

Kenny Bell spent his time off in Jamaica.

Meanwhile Tommy Armstrong took a shot at his hometown.

Hermione graduated this weekend.

I’m all for this new ruling.

Don’t worry Dick Vitale, you aren’t the only one.

And last but not least, Prince Amukamara went to a Bar Mitzvah over the weekend. It seems like he had a pretty good time there.

I hope these tweets gave you a few chuckles. Which one is your favorite? Here is last week's entertaining Twitter Recap if you missed it. GO BIG RED!!!