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Quentin Tarantino To Make Movie About Tom Osborne’s Life

Quentin Tarantino, director of such movies as “Kill Bill”, “Pulp Fiction”, and most recently, “Django Unchained”, will be doing a movie about Nebraska legend Tom Osborne’s life. CN has learned that Tarantino is still at work completing the script which is entitled “Red Hand of Doom”. The script is rumored to begin in 1978, the year that Osborne won the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award and run into his final year as head coach of Nebraska after being part in FIVE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

College football fans will be shocked at Tarantino’s representation of Osborne. The real Osborne is highly respected, a stoic man of few words. Tarantino’s version will be played by Steve Buscemi, who will add his trademark non-stop neurotic rambling to a character that is evil-tempered, violent, profane, and lacking in any moral character whatsoever. 

The movie will have all the hallmark violence of a Tarantino film. Rumor has it that one scene includes Tommie Frazier (played by Kevin Hart) hitting Warren Sapp (role not filled yet) so hard that he literally explodes in a cloud of blood and gore. Osborne’s character at one point shoots a rival football coach in the head during a recruiting visit, then, after smearing his palm with the man’s blood (hence, “Red Hand Of Doom”), uses the action as a threat stating, “that boy don’t come to Nebraska, he ain’t going nowhere else either.” 

Some other roles have been cast. 

Samuel L Jackson will play Turner Gill, who at one point draws a delay of game penalty for putting too many “mother fuckers” in between descriptions of a simple play call. A mousy, timid Frank Whaley will play Charlie McBride, while Bruce Dern will play Bill Byrne, a man completely out of touch with reality. 

CN was able to ask Tarantino what his purpose was in depicting Osborne in such a violent evil manner.

His answer:

  “I am going to tell you who Tom Osborne is by showing you what he is not.”