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Big Red Cobcast: Love, Hate and Apologies

We are joined by Husker legend* Mike Canale

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

*Not actually a Husker legend

Well, its been a long week.

Work is slow, Orange Is The New Black isn't out yet , and Josh Banderas got diversion. I feel like that sums up about everything I care about. Oh and I'm finally getting married after a 4 year engagement. So I guess there's that. Anybody heard of a good Mike Tyson impersonator who is ordained? Let me know.

I'm slowly learning that  the older I get that Husker football is really the only thing that brings me true Joy (besides Irina of course, I'm not dumb enough to exclude her from this statement). I'm  so bored I found a burp and fart piano app and taught myself chopsticks in the key of beans. That was not a joke.

Luckily I have this podcast.

In this weeks episode Mike Canale and I discuss our love/hate relationship with criminals, why I feel bad for all my T-Magic jokes (I really am one of his biggest fans), and the most hated athletes in the world. One somehow didn't make the list but its a secret and you'll have to listen to figure out. In the news biz we call that a teaser. I think. I'm not actually in the news biz.

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We will also be on Corn Nation so talk to us here and tell us what you think but please keep in mind that Joe is really sensitive.

And please buy my movie (Through These Gates) my fiancée is starving.