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This Week on Twitter: Tommy Armstrong receives advice from Favre, Throwback Thursday and a long bus ride home.

Ed Zurga

As most of you know the Husker Baseball team had a flight from Lansing to Lincoln cancelled earlier this week so the team spent a good chunk of their night in East Lansing before taking three different buses back to Lincoln.

If you want to see how the rest of the trip home went I would highly recommend checking out the twitter account of Husker Baseball and Josh Roeder. I think Zach Hirsch summed up this experience perfectly.

Walter Pitchford hates the haters.

Tai Webster loves his mother’s home-cooked meals.

Kevin Williams takes a shot at ESPN.

It’s golf season which leads to this question from Faux Pelini.

Faux Pelini’s made this for the football team.

Some of the Husker football players had fun with Throwback Thursday this week.

Kenny Bell shares his thoughts on Antoine Turner’s situation.

Faux Pelini calls for a Home Run and Nebraska Baseball answers the call.

Matt Finnin shares his thoughts about the Tunnel Walk.

Tommy Armstrong did some work with Brett Favre this weekend.

Faux Pelini hates printers.

Faux also called out Victoria’s Secret on their store policies.

Well this must be awkward for Lance Armstrong.

And last but not least, Matt Finnin leaves us with some more advice regarding women.

I hope these tweets gave you a few laughs on this Morning morning. Which one was your favorite? If you missed it, here is last week's Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!