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Staff Round Table: Josh Banderas, Memorial Stadium Wifi & Remorse About Rutgers?

The staff round table is back. To keep us all sane through the summertime.

So East Coast, Much Rutgers
So East Coast, Much Rutgers
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At CN, there's some slow times through the summer. For those, we bring you our weekly Staff Round Table questions.

We ask the staff a few questions and they reply. Some of the things are all Huskers, some Big Ten, some about life. Tell us your feelings about the issues in the comments below.


1. So, Josh Banderas was going to sell bicycles that were left over from class being let out. Only LPD doesn’t see it the same. Assuming that he and his friend gets misdemeanors and such from this, what’s the appropriate punishment? Consequently, if it doesn’t get dropped down and it becomes a felony, is he gone?

Cobcast Ryan: He’ll be let off Eassssssssy. Silly football players, y’know, always doing silly stuff like stealing bikes. Down side, we can’t say we are clean football program for a few months when Bo lets him play. Up side, criminals win championships. Period. Name a Husker championship won without a criminal... You can’t, doesn’t exist. Let Avery Moss play next season and bring on FSU.

Mister Mike: Agree with Ryan.  Early word is that he won’t serve any jail time, other than what he’s already served.  It will probably get pled way down.  Maybe some community service, maybe not.  Maybe a game suspension.  Is that appropriate?  If it’s his first offense, perhaps  But I think we should shelve the "high character" talk for now.  The team has had a number of incidents with players over the past year or so that makes that talk all but meaningless.

Derek: Appropriate punishment? A stern lecture from Bo, a few diversion classes and MAYBE sit out the first half of the first game. At least his prank excuse was slightly better than Marshall Henderson’s "experiment" excuse. Now if Bando was caught with hippy lettuce, he’d be gone in a second.

Ty: At first, I wanted him kicked off the team, but once you start to look at his story, and the reality of the fact that those bikes were PROBABLY not getting claimed, eh.  I think he needs a stern lecture and a smack in the face.  Seriously?  Broad daylight?  In my head I picture him staring at the witness while he is clipping locks, daring that witness to do or say something.  Make him sit the first game.  He’ll learn.

That being said, I’ve heard from friends who taught him that he’s not the sharpest crayon in the box, so….

Cobby: Wait, he was stealing bikes? Like bicycles? I thought he was after Harley’s. Dam I was getting all excited that this kid was going all south park "The F Word" on Lincoln’s biker gangs. Don’t get me wrong, I use to dig the hogs. However, in a previous life, I had a bad experience. I was cruising down the open road with this fat biker chick. Well, since I don’t have any arms, I was the bitch on the back. It’s hard to put a seat belt on me and I ended up creamed corn on highway 2 in the middle of the sandhills. My final resting place was in the belly of some cow that was crossing the road. Can you believe that they stop traffic in central Nebraska to let the cattle cross? Crazy.

Husker Mike: I suspect Banderas gets a one game suspension out of this in the end, assuming that this gets pled down. Frankly, his explanation simply replaces criminal intent with stupidity, and that probably concerns me more from a football perspective.

Brian: If they get knocked down to misdemeanors, 1 or 2 games sounds good. Felonies? Woof, I hope that doesn’t happen but at the same time, you would have to genuinely wonder about his future at Nebraska. Linebacker is fairly deep on the defensive side of the ball, and losing him with Michael Rose ready to take the MLB position? Think he’ll be missed for a year?

2. Lots of talk about the wifi access points getting better across Memorial Stadium. Is this a big deal to you as far as a game day experience thing? Or is it just something nice to have during timeouts, halftime, and pre/postgame to check scores and video possibly?

Cobcast Ryan: Who gives a shit about wifi? I want a button that makes people shut up when they tell me to sit down on 3rd and 6 in the 4th against Wisky. Or fireworks. I would like fire works.

Mister Mike: I think it was a wise move to improve the wireless access in the stadium.  People will be checking their devices for scores and updates on other games while they’re sitting there.  Generally, I’m in favor of anything that could improve the fan experience in the stadium.  I feel we’re behind the curve in that regard and have been for a while.

Derek: I love it, but it’s not as a big deal to me as improving the "rowdiness" of the crowd. I like the move of bringing in Chris Pankonin to help with the in-game music and the rumors of freshening up the Tunnel Walk. Hopefully we can learn from the Nebrasketball experience and bring the noise consistently next season.

It will be nice to actually reach out to the outside world during the games though.

Ty: What would really improve the experience at Memorial?  The fans getting their sh*t back together.  What happened to "The best fans in college football"?  I’ll say it’s still an experience like no other, and the electricity at the start of the Tunnel Walk’s incredible, but it was better back in the day.  Wow, I sound like a blue hair.

Oh.  Sorry.  The Wifi.  It’s an improvement as the nearby cell towers were a joke, but Wifi in Devaney this year was meh at best, so I hope the IT team on campus is planning ahead, instead of for the needs last season.

Cobby: Ugh. I’m already paranoid about becoming popcorn from all the satellite and cell phone signals bouncing around. Now they are going to add in enough wi-fi to accommodate everyone during the game? Might as well rename Memorial Stadium to "Worlds Largest Microwave".

David: I’ll say this, if you want to use Twitter or something like that to keep tab on things you might have trouble doing from the stands, this is a welcome move. I expect you’ll see a huge increase in twitter traffic from the stands if this works. When they (finally) got it installed in PBA, it made a world of difference and didn’t drain my battery completely by games end (because, while I’m not in the stone ages with my phone, I’m probably still in the Industrial Revolution, relatively speaking…). If this describes you, this will be a very welcome addition. If it doesn’t, I doubt you’ll notice it much. Also, your text messages should go through now during the game...

Jon: Well, they selected Cisco as their wireless hardware and Cisco sucks at doing density, so it’s one thing to say they’re going to have Wifi, and another to actually make it happen. (What a geek answer, huh?)

Husker Mike: Exactly. Let’s see how this actually works.  Scaling a system like this to work for 75,000 or so devices is a lot of work, and frankly, I’m skeptical if it’ll all work for game one.  How important is it? Considering how important connectivity as become in general, it’s almost a requirement if you are going to charge people $56 or more to attend.

Brian: Thinking the ways of Mike & Jon, it’s a good idea on paper but at the same time, you’re going to have to see how it actually works out. There will be bugs to iron out, but will it work when you’re underneath South Stadium during halftime waiting on the bathroom or food lines? How about when your seat is under the balconies of East or West Stadium? If it can work in those situations, it works anywhere.

3. Did anything about the way the NFL Draft surprise you when it came to Husker players being drafted and not being drafted? How about in general with the whole draft?

Cobcast Ryan: Nothing surprised me. I’m looking forward to watching Clowney be a bust. Wait... Spencer Long going when he did surprised me but I’ll stick to my guns and say nothing.

Mister Mike:  Yes.  I was surprised to see SJB taken that high.  I figured he would’ve gone later.  Spencer Long getting picked when he did also surprised me.  I thought he would go much later, or not at all due to the knee injury.

Ty: This might make me a terrible fan, but I don’t care about the draft.  Even first rounders.  I love my Huskers, and I love my Broncos, but none of it matters until the season.  Remember Ryan Leaf?  Tim Tebow?  Robert Ayers?  Okay, two of those are Broncos picks, but none of it really matters until September.

Jon: It amazes me that as many people watch the draft as they do. The only reason I watch it, is so I can make fun of it on twitter. Husker players are going to be drafted whether I watch or not, so, wow. I do like that Spencer Long got taken where he did because he worked hard for it, and now his hard work has paid off. What’s more American dreamie than that, really?

Husker Mike: The NFL Draft (especially the first day or two) is quite possibly the most boring television program on. There’s no reason why it should take 15 minutes for teams to make their first round selection, other than to kill time and fill four hours of programming.  If anything, round seven is more interesting to me because you can finally start drawing some conclusions.  Like all of Texas’ four and five star recruits being panned by the NFL.

Brian: I still am kind of surprised Ciante Evans hasn’t found a home yet as of Saturday. But at the same time, kind of what we expected Nebraska wise. As far as the whole draft, there’s a reason you should take all the mock drafts by everyone with a grain of kosher rock salt.

4. Jim Delany on Wednesday said the Big Ten has "zero buyers remorse" over the acquisition of Rutgers into the conference, even in the wake of some embarrassing missteps the school has made the last year. . Do you think he’s kidding? Do you have remorse over them being added on?

Mister Mike: Is this for real?  I personally believe it was a terrible move to bring Rutgers into the conference.  I don’t think it’s truly going to make that much difference in the number of eyeballs that watch the BTN and it certainly did nothing to elevate the level of play in the conference.  If Delany was serious about markets, he’d be making a bigger push for the Southeast towards the coast.  But since the B1G takes this uppity-ass view of academics and looks down on other schools in potentially large media markets, that’s probably not going to happen.

Cobcast Ryan: BTN ruins everything (unless you want to watch every Husker game then its awesome).  It may open up a new recruiting market? Maybe we can snatch the next Jason Peter from Jersey. It will make it easier for me to talk my fiance into flying to NYC in September for no reason. I’m indifferent.

Derek: Jim Delaney has "zero buyers remorse" just like Callahan did "an excellent job in every area".

Ty: At this point, I don’t care.  I mentioned in a discussion with the guys earlier that the B1G has traditionally been the very definition of the midwest, but we’ve gone away from that (yes, I’ll even allow Penn State in that "midwest").  I don’t get either of the teams, Maryland or Rutgers, but Rutgers seems extra stupid.  In reality, we’ll just have to suck it up and move on.

David: I still think it’s too early to have buyers remorse. And if he does get on the cable carriers in New York, it will be mission accomplished. Remember, it’s not how many people actually watch BTN, it’s how many people can if they want to. I don’t think moving into the south east does that and I don’t think there are many schools to be had that would actually accomplish that.

Husker Mike: What else is Delaney going to say? Even if he does have "buyer’s remorse", he’s not going to admit it. But some of the Rutgers’ bashing has gotten a little out of hand as of late. Phillip Nelson is more Gopher than Scarlet Knight.

And I still think too many B1G fans aren’t looking at the big picture. This isn’t about Rutgers and Maryland football, per se. This is about bringing Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska to two areas of the country that are, quite frankly, there for the taking.

Brian: I’m more worried about the welfare approach of Maryland’s entry into the B1G, with the issues they are having paying off the ACC and basic broke nature of the school’s AD itself. Rutgers, I get the footprint thing, but I guess in hindsight, Louisville would look alright in comparison to Maryland. But, whatever, people probably thought Nebraska was a laughing stock when they entered.

5. The summertime is approaching. What are you looking forward to the most before Football and such start back up?

Mister Mike: Beer

Cobcast Ryan: Aerosmith in June in Inglewood and then 2 weeks later Eminem and Rhianna at the Rose Bowl. I also agree with Mike - Beer.

Derek: Raging at the College World Series and coming up with the most random articles for CN during the offseason. Consider yourselves warned.

Ty: Traveling.  Wait.  That’s too boring.  Nope.  That’s it.  Oh, and coaching some volleyball to get the Dorchester Longhorns to shock some people this year.

Cobby: Growing a new ear.

David: Baseball. I’m a baseball fan. My team’s pretty good (I think, though they’re not really playing like it right now) so I’m expecting an entertaining summer in that regard. Also, after a long and winding road, I will finally be graduating this summer (a lot of people go to school for seven...err...14 years, right?). So, that’s gonna be cool. I’m pretty excited about that.

Jon: Husker baseball. Fishing. My daughter has chosen to go to school in SoCal, so this whole summer will be about getting her out of high school and moved to college. I just hope that’s turns out safe and successful and that her mother doesn’t start asking me to go shopping after she’s gone.

Husker Mike: We’re undertaking a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project.  I’m simply looking forward to it being done (and hopefully having it come in under budget.)

Brian: Trying to swing a golf club again. Trying to throw a bowling ball competently again. Preparing for a little girl at the end of September. I can’t care for the Rangers anymore this season with the DL festival in Arlington.