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The Big Red Cobcast: Joe's Back, Bits And More!

This is a great episode full of so many laughs you won't be able to actually hear the podcast over your own chuckles!

Hannah Foslien

Well, I'm finally back in Los Angeles and I left just it time to not get sucked into a giant twister and tossed into Salt Creek. As much I'm going to miss being in the epicenter of all things Husker, I'm looking forward to the cluster of angry drivers, dodging AK-47 bullets and tossing money around to all the homeless 27 year old pot heads with model bodies. There's a thin line between out-of-work actor and invalid.

In this weeks episode we get our old friend Joe back to fill us in on what we've missed here. We also have Mel Kiper Jr. joining us* this episode for a quick recap of the Huskers headed to the NFL, and we got on our hands on a leaked audio tape from T-Magic's draft party.

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