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Eichorst on Pelini: "We're Lucky to Have Him"

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

At the Big Ten's spring meeting in Chicago, Nebraska director of athletics Shawn Eichorst was asked about Bo Pelini, and Eichorst responded with a bell-ringing endorsement.

"He's a good ball coach, a good person, he's serious about his craft and he's very disciplined in his approach. We're lucky to have him at Nebraska."

While some have questioned Eichorst's past statements as measured, this one is unambiguous. If you have a coaching hot seat list, check that temperature again because Eichorst just placed a block of ice on it. That doesn't mean he'll never get fired; nobody has that kind of job security. It simply means that, until something changes significantly at Nebraska, Pelini is going to be coaching the Huskers. And if you are going to argue otherwise, you'd better have some fresh material to back your opinion up.

Eichorst also said that the athletic department didn't direct Pelini to change his public image; implying that it was Bo's choice and stating that we're simply now seeing the real Bo Pelini:

"Bo's the same guy that I met when I arrived on campus. I see those sorts of qualities from him on a day-to-day basis. What's out there in the community and perception and all that other sort of stuff is certainly hard to control."

My personal take is that Pelini is leading the charge on changing his image, if only to be more open with the outside world. He's clearly not doing it all by himself; the NU athletic department's Marketing and Social Media groups are clearly helping here. Pelini even admitted he was getting suggestions when he said after the Spring Game (and the now famous "Tunnel Walk With His Cat") that he vetoed wearing a brown holiday sweater to the game.

All this is good in the spring and summer, but in the end, it comes down to wins and losses in the end.