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Corn Flakes: Should Nebraska Consider Selling Alcohol At Football Games?

Ronald Martinez

Big Ten athletic directors discuss alcohol sales at stadiums - ESPN

The Minnesota state legislature approved alcohol sales at TCF Bank Stadium more than two years ago, making Minnesota the first Big Ten school to allow beer in one of its facilities. Minnesota remains the only Big Ten school with such a policy, but it might not be alone for long.

There's some momentum at Maryland to allow alcohol sales at athletic events. There are alcohol sales at other major-conference programs such as West Virginia, and LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said this week that while the SEC prohibits in-stadium alcohol sales, he thinks the policy will change eventually.

Your major discussion topic for the day - should the University of Nebraska consider selling alcohol at games? 

Brian did a fairly in-depth piece on this back in February 2013 regarding Pinnacle Bank Arena and the poll we did then showed that most people favored selling beer at basketball games. 

One might wonder what such a poll would show now regarding football games. I'm guessing that the majority of people who venture onto this site would favor it, but we're going to run a poll just to see if that guess is correct. 

I'm not in favor of it (keep in mind this is coming from the guy who'll ban anyone being troll-like on a game thread especially after having some gin, so it's not like I'm prudish). 

The University of Nebraska is known as a dry campus. That doesn't mean they're alcohol free, but it does mean that alcohol isn't allowed on campus except for maybe at Sheldon, Lied Center, or the Wick Alumni Center and only then if you get a license (meaning, you can't just walk in with a beer). 

They should keep it that way. 

Other schools might look at this as a way to attract more fans to their football games, but Nebraska isn't in that position (although it'll be interesting to see what they'll do if they think the sell out streak is threatened). 

Plus, Nebraska football fans are geekier than the rest. We enjoy our football more than alcohol at the games (I could be wrong on that, too). 

So, please vote in the poll, and pass it on. Let's see where it ends up. 

Big Ten football athletic directors meetings Day 1 wrap - ESPN
Big Ten athletic directors began their annual spring meetings Tuesday and discussed the proposed NCAA governance changes, scheduling, athlete welfare and other items.

Johnny Manziel Already Owns 'The House that Johnny Built' - Team Speed Kills
You might have heard about how a Texas A&M regent wants to change the name of Kyle Field to "Kyle Field: The House that Johnny Built." The idea is absurd for too many reasons to list here, among them being the idea of Brent Musburger saying, "You are looking live at Kyle Field: The House that Johnny Built" during an SEC Network broadcast.

Kyle Field: The House That Johnny Built? - Good Bull Hunting
If we're going to rename Kyle Field, let's do it right.

A.D. Eichorst says Huskers 'lucky' to have Bo Pelini -
The normally noncommittal Shawn Eichorst, Nebraska's second-year athletic director, offered some rare insight Tuesday on Husker sports and Big Ten issues.

PASTAGATE II: GIRLFRIENDGATE (or, OU's NCAA compliance is hilariously vigilant) -

Oklahoma compliance allegedly forced one former player to sign an affidavit swearing his girlfriend wasn't dating him because he was a football player.

Maybe it's better to have an extremely anal-retentive person as the compliance officer rather than the other way around...?????? 

Hans Straub, South Florida Bulls strength and conditioning coach, resigns Aaron Lynch tweet - ESPN

A member of USF's coaching staff has resigned following a tweet regarding former Bulls defensive lineman Aaron Lynch, who was drafted this past weekend by the San Francisco 49ers.

I think this is kind of stupid. You've got players getting draft that do have character issues (I'm not referring to the Bulls lineman in this case, but overall), and you have a coach have to resign because he makes a tweet about it? 

Am I missing something here or is that going a little overboard, i.e., a double standard in place? 

The 2013 college football charting project - Football Study Hall

Charting data for 202 games from the 2013 college football season.

Uh, wow! 

UNL | UNL News Blog | UNL film studies professor Wheeler Dixon enthusiastic about new Godzilla movie

“No pun intended of course, but this new version of Godzilla, a carefully calculated reboot of the entire franchise by director Gareth Edwards, is going to be one of the biggest films of the summer.


Remember, the one in this movie would piss around 150 millions of urine per day! Would that not be an ecological disaster were it to take place anywhere but Florida? WOhooOO!!!