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Corn Flakes: Randy Gregory Won't Be In The NFL Draft Next Season

David McGee

Just Randy Gregory 

2015 mock draft: Jameis Winston slips out of Top 5 | Q

The 2014 NFL draft may have just finished, but the draft evaluation process never stops. Here is the Q's first attempt at projecting the first round of the 2015 NFL draft.

2015 NFL Mock Draft: Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston or someone else? -
Here's a way-too-early look at the 2015 NFL Draft, because this process never stops.

2015 NFL mock draft: Big Ten player going No. 1 overall | Detroit Free Press |
At the top of the draft class, Oregon's Marcus Mariota and Florida State's Jameis Winston will compete throughout the season to be the highest-rated quarterback in the upcoming draft. Either of them would have been the highest-selected quarterback in the 2014 draft. Yet neither was chosen first overall in our initial mock. The primary reason is due to slotting.

Apparently Gregory got the attention of mock draft makers, who then placed him at the top of their drafts despite him being a junior this coming season. 

There are so many ways to go here. Husker fans would love to see a #1 pick in the draft because it's a validation of the program (even though, really it isn't), because it might make more high energy players (TOP RECRUITS! OMG!) come to Nebraska. 

Tell you what. If Nebraska wins the Big Ten this coming season, then Randy Gregory can leave early. If we don't, he can't because there's still more to be done. 

How's that for telling him what to do with his life? 

Wireless, sound system improvements begin at Memorial Stadium : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

Work to upgrade the Memorial Stadium game day experience began last month and is expected to continue through the summer.

This will be interesting. I find it interesting that they selected Cisco because from what I know of wireless, Cisco sucks at density. 

The Texas Longhorns Don't Have A Football Player Taken in the 2014 NFL Draft - Barking Carnival
Yeah..... first time since, like 1937.

2014 NFL Draft: Picking up the pieces on a disappointing day for Texas - Burnt Orange Nation
Trying to make further sense of one of the most disappointing days in recent memory for the Longhorns.

Football’s Risks Sink In, Even in Heart of Texas -

Prompted by concern about brain injuries, the school board in the city of Marshall, in the gridiron hotbed of East Texas, eliminated the tackle-football program for seventh graders without much protest.

Maybe it's me, but I'm not sure this is much of a story. It is only seventh grade football they're talking about here, but they make it sound that since it's in Texas that it's an enormous deal (or they're setting the stage for "it's the end of the world as we know it" theme). 

I know that youth participation rates are down in football, and fans should wonder about the sport's long term prospect. 

(I've just contradicted myself, haven't I?)

(I couldn't help but notice - were these really the photos that these people wanted of themselves to show up in publication? Wow. Maybe the town is full of sourpusses.) 

Maryland football season ticket sales rise 35 percent - Testudo Times

Maryland has sold nearly 19,000 season tickets for the 2014 football season.

THAT MEANS THERE WILL PLENTY FOR EVERYBODY ELSE, RIGHT? WOOHOOO!O!!!! Wait, we don't play there this season? Well. So much for that. 

How sleeper recruits still make the NFL, despite blue-chip dominance -

And it's not usually because major college football programs and recruiting analysts miss on elite high school prospects.

I take this as Bud Elliott's response to Mike's article about the NFL draft and recruiting. I'm staying out of this one. 

Minnesota Football: Former Gopher, Philip Nelson Arrested in Mankato - The Daily Gopher

Following an altercation this weekend, Rutgers quarterback, Philip Nelson has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a former cross-town rival and Minnesota State Mankato football player. 

This is horrifying. One young man is in critical condition with brain injuries. This isn't about whether Nelson gets suspended by Rutgers. This is more about how many years he'll spend in jail.