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2014 NFL Draft: List Of Nebraska's Undrafted Free Agents

Not all the Husker Seniors were drafted, but most have found homes.

Eric Francis

With only 7 rounds in the NFL Draft, not everyone from the Nebraska Cornhuskers available group of Seniors for the selection process were taken.

However, we've seen many cases where Undrafted Free Agents (UFA for short) have done well for NFL teams, although the odds seems to be a touch longer.

Here's what we know about where some former Huskers are going:

Brent Qvale: (confirmed btw)

Jeremiah Sirles:

Cole Pensick:

Saturday was a huge day for Pensick, as it was also his wedding day. The photographer snapped a picture of Pensick and his mom when he got word that the Chiefs were signing him.

Mohammed Seisay:

Jason Ankrah:

Ciante Evans was reported to become a Miami Dolphin yesterday, however as of right now, nothing has been confirmed.

And finally..... Taylor Martinez:

For all other UFA signings for your favorite team, visit here and don't forget to become members of your NFL team's community.