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Nebraska Football: Spring Quotes From Bo Pelini & Ameer Abdullah

Pelini and Ameer were on the B1G teleconference this morning. Here's what they said.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, the Big Ten Conference had a teleconference. Bo Pelini and Ameer Abdullah appeared on Thomas Edison's invention to talk about football for a few minutes. Here's what they said:

Bo Pelini:

Opening statement: Finishing up practices, our last practice before Spring game will be this afternoon. Format will be different, Offense vs Defense with a point system. We feel good, got a lot accomplished this spring.

On big crowds for the spring game for the program: Always helps for the program, the support we have for this program is second to none. Type of enthusiasm we have is amazing. Football is a 365 day a year thing here.

On making the adjustment to the B1G: When we came out of the Big 12, not a lot of history with the new teams. From a coaching standpoint, it takes time to learn. Now, in our fourth year, we've been through the league and gotten familiarity with teams and stadiums and style of play. It takes a little bit of time. It's part of the deal, just put more time into it and develop a great understanding of what you need in the conference, because it affects your recruiting too.

On the star rating system in recruiting: I put everything into what we're looking for what fits our program. I don't worry about star rating, I don't even know what their star rating is. I look at what kind of long-term potential the player have. I go off what I see, not what the analysts see.

On Josh Mitchell: He's not the biggest guy in the world, but he has put on more weight. Very instinctive, plays the ball very well. Should have a big Senior year. Really adds a lot to our Defense. Josh is a leader, not just on the D. He has come a long way since he's been here. He loves to practice, that becomes contagious through the whole team. He and Corey Cooper brings great leadership to the Secondary.

On building chemistry in the Spring: There is always chemistry that you're trying to develop, but springtime is to lay the foundation of what you're doing on both sides of the ball, and to evaluate into fall camp so you know who's earned reps in the fall and where folks are going to fit and their role. Looking for guys to take coaching and develop in the program.

On when did he become about @FauxPelini: I've been aware of it, my wife reminds me of it all the time. Just trying to have a little bit of fun. During NC game, I thought "what the heck, lets have some fun". I was surprised to see how viral it went.

Ameer Abdullah:

Opening statement: I'm really pleased how enthused everyone has been. Everyone has been coming out to get better and maximizing our potential with a good foundation for this fall.

On going up against Randy Gregory in practice: Guys like Randy, Maliek Collins in practice, they are the best we're going to see in the Conference, and he's on our team. If we're successful vs. Randy, we can do well in the season against anyone.

On the relationship with the offensive line: We have a lot of jobs that are open, and we have a lot of competition. Jake Cotton has Left Guard locked down. Those guys are excited to compete, we're demanding a lot of new things from those guys.

On last season vs. Minnesota and how you're reminded of it: We see it as a trend in the program the last few years that we have to get over that hump. Everyone is with a good attitude, optimistic, but one man can ruin all that. That trend can carry on through the whole season. We've done a great job this off season, everyone is accountable. The repercussions are greater now. If you're inconsistent now, it'll carry on through the season.

On what spots of his game can be polished: Everything. My running style has to be smoother, my ball protection has to be better. Pass protection has to be better. If I can handle the worst now, it makes the season even easier. Whatever it is, I don't want any flaws in my game.

On bringing back Kenny Bell: Kenny is dynamic, we didn't get him the ball enough. Quincy Enunwa was a big vocal leader, Kenny is even more vocal. Guys like Taariq Allen is vocal, but Kenny is louder. He's very dynamic, runs the best Post route in the country. We're doing a lot to get him the ball more.