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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Basketball All About Ref Rage?

David McGee

REF RAGE: A study of our NCAA Tournament frustrations and hatreds -

We at SB Nation posted tens of thousands of comments as we watched this year's NCAA Tournament. Most were fun. Many were posted in blind fits of fury. Here, we examine the phenomenon of "ref rage," and see who got the maddest.

No mention of the fact that Tim Miles was ejected for pointing out a clock error. No mention of Karl Hess. No mention of the 48-16 free throw discrepancy. They didn't even link to our game thread. I realize it's the time of year that we're all looking for articles to write about anything, but holy crap. Did I mention they didn't even bother linking to our game thread?

Notre Dame vs. Connecticut final score, 2014 NCAA Women's Tournament: Huskies dominate to win title, 79-58 -

The Huskies women's team added some hardware following the men' s championship with an absolutely dominating display over Notre Dame.

UConn, again. Did they riot this time, too?

Championship Riots Lead To Dozens Of Arrests " CBS Connecticut

Ecstatic UConn fans have been celebrating the Huskies' men's national basketball title on the campus in Storrs, Conn. -- breaking street lights, smashing at least one campus window and overturning furniture inside the student union.

Speaking of which.... one window was broken, and some furniture was overturned. Is the bar set really low for what constitutes a riot these days?

Wasn't this more of a kerfuffle? Maybe a ballyhoo? A ruckus? A commotion? Perhaps a furor? At the most a flare-up? But a riot?

The BTN's Debacle Of A Spring Game Telecast | mgoblog

My stomach gave a decidedly strong vote against my attending Saturday's Spring Game, so in lieu of watching from the press box I took in the Big Ten Network's telecast. This may have been less informative than skipping the Spring Game altogether.

Not exactly what you want to hear with our spring game coming up, but I thought y'all should know.

Comic book character Archie to be killed off

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Not even Archie Andrews is immortal in the world of comics.

Why kill of Archie? Blah blah de blah... to sell a comic, of course. I haven't read Archie for many years, but I was always partial to good girl Betty and not that evil bitch Veronica.

Husker N Side, Armstrong, Jackson Big Hits with Young Kids
Armstrong, Jackson Big Hits with Young Kids Tommy Armstrong Jr. posed for 26 different elementary schools Tuesday. Editor’s note: Nebraska has sold nearly 50,000 tickets to Saturday’s Red/White Spring Game.

Big Dreams Weekend | Omaha, NE

Steve Warren's Big Dreams Weekend is coming up. It's for a good cause and everything.