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Big Red Cobcast Episode 9: Nebraska Spring Game Predictions

The Big Red Cobcast is done by Ryan Tweedy and Joe Canale.

Tweedy is the director/producer of the Husker film "Through These Gates". Canale has been a stand up comedian in New York, Chicago and now in Los Angeles and has worked for "The Second City" and "Boom Chicago".

In this episode, Ryan and Joe make some Nebraska spring game predictions and run through the entire 2014 season in a way too early game prediction segment. Randy Gregory will eat a quarterback's face? It could happen! Kenny Bell makes All Big Ten! Ameer Abdullah gets invited to the New York Heisman ceremony!

It's a whole gob of Husker football talk!

Ryan Tweedy will be doing an Improv show at the Backline in Omaha Friday night. You might want to check that out.

The Easter Seals is holding a fundraising event after the spring game this Saturday. They will be screening Through These Gates at The Railyard. More information is available at their Facebook page!

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