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This Week on Twitter IX: April Fool's Day, Perls of Knowledge and The Weather Channel

This is the creepiest weather photo I could find
This is the creepiest weather photo I could find
Cameron Spencer

How awesome would it be if this actually happened?

It’s baseball season!

Faux Pelini has some advice for Andrew Wiggins.

Husker cornerback Josh Mitchell had a battle with the wind.

Tommy Armstrong teased him about it and this is the ensuing conversation.

Tuesday was April Fools Day which led to Faux Pelini changing his twitter pic to something more normal.

TWOS posted some of his Spring Game memories.

But Johnny Stanton wasn’t happy.

Some followers though Faux Pelini was selling out.

Even the Huskers Twitter account got in on the action.

By the time afternoon rolled around, FP spilled the beans.

But it came at the cost of some followers.

Hopefully it encouraged some of his followers to get some new Husker gear.

TWOS thinks Carl was up to something again.

Probably my favorite part of April Fool’s Day was when ESPN posted this YouTube clip of 2014 World Cup announcer Ian Darke calling the play-by-play of a date.

And here’s famous Japanese competitive eater Takeru Kobayaski pranking the New York Cosmos on April Fool’s Day.

Johnny Stanton supports a great cause.

Harvey Perlman phoned Warren Buffett in the latest Perls of Knowledge

Faux Pelini seemed bitter about it.

Looks like Carl isn’t back in Nebraska yet.

Matt Davison drove through the hometown of Tim Miles.

Would you press this button on the elevator?

With all the crazy weather taking place across the country on Thursday, Faux Pelini decided to direct his rage at the Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel replied back and this hilarious convo ensued.

Even the Huskers Twitter account got involved.

A whistle-happy Tim Miles made an appearance on Perls on Knowledge. Meanwhile the Internet got world of this photo on Thursday from the Nebraska State Speech Championships.

The Husker women’s soccer team took a selfie before Sunday's spring game.

And last but not least, Team Jack thanks Husker Nation on the one year anniversary of Jack Hoffman’s run.

There were plenty of hilarious tweets this week so let me know which one made you laugh the loudest. If you missed it here is last week’s TWOT. I hope I made your Monday a little brighter! GO BIG RED!!!