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Corn Flakes: SEC Scheduling Reaction, And James Franklin Looks Dumb

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of news around the SEC's new scheduling policy which is explained in the first article link below. The SEC will continue to play an eight-game conference schedule, with six division opponents and two non-division opponents.

What's funny is the reaction, and there is plenty of it from around the leagues.

SEC Announces Format For Future Football Schedules > SEC > NEWS

The Southeastern Conference on Sunday announced the format for future football scheduling that is a continuation of the existing format and adds a strength-of-schedule component that requires all schools to play an ACC, Big 12, Big Ten or Pac-12 opponent on an annual basis.

LSU's Miles cries 'bias!' | Capstone Report
I didn’t realize corndogs paired so well with whine and cheese. That is, until I read LSU’s head football coach Les Miles’ and athletic director Joe Alleva’s boo-hooing about the "bias" of the SEC football schedule.

What is the SEC's Penalty for Poor Non-Conference Scheduling? Does it Matter? - Team Speed Kills
It only matters if someone will actually get the penalty.

The SEC rolodex: Out-of-conference opponent unpower rankings -

And since most SEC teams aren't famed for taking on unnecessary challenges out of conference, many have noted that the weaker teams in the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, and Pac-12 are about to start fielding a whole bunch of phone calls.

Keep in mind that strength of schedule is going to play a bigger part of who gets into the college football playoff from here on out, so it is in SEC schools best interest to play tougher opponents. Will they do it? That's the rub.

James Franklin contacted alleged rape victim while with Vanderbilt Commodores - ESPN

A new defense filing in the case involving rape charges against four former Vanderbilt players claims that current Penn State coach James Franklin contacted the alleged victim shortly after the incident.

If nothing else, this makes Franklin look stupid, and along with him, Penn State, the last school whose head coach needs this kind of attention. I'm not going to pretend to understand all the legal implications behind this, but these guys bring up some good points:

New Allegations Against Former Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin. Will They Follow Him To Happy Valley? - Dawg Sports
James Franklin managed to leave Vanderbilt, but the sexual assault scandal that dogged much of his final season in Nashville isn't over, and neither apparently is Franklin's involvement.

New allegations about Penn State's Coach James Franklin emerge from Tennessee rape case |

Franklin had allegedly recruited the victim - in an apparent violation of NCAA rules - to assist him in recruiting players to the Vanderbilt team because she was "pretty."

This one is more of the same, but linked here solely for the comments.

Barry Alvarez supports NCAA plan for 'Big 5' autonomy - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an interesting collection of perspectives from Wisconsin's athletic director covering "Big 5" autonomy, stipends, extended healthcare for student athletes and more.

Conference Comparison: Is The Big Ten Really The Best Basketball Conference? - BT Powerhouse
There are always massive breakdowns about which conference was the best. We do a full length breakdown of all the important stats to decide once and for all: who was the best?

Here's a nice message from Tom Izzo to Tim Miles:

Report: Huskers spend more on recruiting than Big Ten peers |

>> Nebraska — which spent $478,554 in 2011, $752,681 in 2012 and $818,509 in 2013 — increased its spending levels by 71 percent in the three-year span, far outpacing the league.

No shock here, is there? We don't have a large population and all the great football players are found in places pretty far away, unless you want to start that IWCC argument, which would be silly.

Women’s basketball: Huskers lose top assistant to Boise State |
Hours after signing junior college forward Anya Kalenta, the Huskers announced Tuesday afternoon that Associate Head Coach and defensive coordinator Sunny Smallwood was leaving for a similar job at Boise State.

2014 NFL mock draft: Stanley Jean-Baptiste to New Orleans Saints at No. 58 -

The Saints need help at cornerback, and they may find themselves in Seahawks copycat mode when they address that need.

Last But Not Least:

Here's a really nice video of the spring game that Billgrip put together, short enough that even those with AADD can handle: