From the Stands: The 2014 spring game...complete with dubstep!

I don't know about you, but spring football always seems to leave me a little empty. It's like going to a restaurant with a group of people, getting one bite of your favorite appetizer because you have to share, and then the restaurant tells you they're out of food and to come back in about 5 months.

And so we enter the long summer months waiting for those magical Saturdays in the fall to return. Don't get me wrong, I love summer time. There's nothing quite like sitting outside on a warm evening with the ambient sounds of lawns being mowed and children playing in the distance. Sometimes I'll go camping, or hang out with friends at the lake. As a somewhat freelance videographer, I stay pretty busy because people like to get married in the summer and I get hired to film weddings. But no matter how busy I get, in the back of my mind, I know it's X amount of days until kickoff. Is that normal? Probably not. But all Husker fans are a little wacky, I think.

This year I was able to attend the spring game with a friend of mine. I brought my camera to take some video footage for fun. We didn't make it into the stadium in time to see Bo and his cat in person, but we were at least far enough in to see it live on a TV screen near a concession stand. We finally found our seats way up in the clouds as Tommy Armstrong threw the interception to Nate Gerry on the opening drive. We stayed in our actual seats for all of about 10 minutes, and the after that we moved around a lot, mostly trying to find seats as close to the field as we could.

It was a great time. I got a lot of footage that I liked, and last weekend I found some time edit it together into something cool. It's a pretty short video, but I like how it turned out and I thought I'd share. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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