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Corn Flakes: Sage Advice Offered To Teenagers

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

So.... how was your weekend?

My weekend was pretty decent. Soccer season started again, with the last one, the last child playing the sport after, OMG (so many years I'm not counting you bastards). We're coming to the end soon, and honestly, I will miss it because mostly I love to yell at other people's children.

The son's team had a tournament, and they lost both games, which is okay, because they're still trying to find out who they are. They looked much better than last year, in terms of "soccer", which, honestly is a much more difficult game to play than American football. I would go into this further, but believe me when I say that learning how to block the ISO is much easier than learning how to adjust from a 4-3-3 to a 1-2-8 formation or whatever the fuck they're talking about when I perchance to listen in.

Seriously... y'all think that soccer is kicking a ball around a field, but as a guard I had to know whether or not to block the guy in front of me, pull and hit a defensive end or linebacker, or just fall down and rest for a bit because the play was going in the other direction. Soccer is... well, shit I'm not going into it that deep.

We had two games on Saturday, one early, one afternoon, and between we went to a Texas Roadhouse for lunch. I had a decent steak (along with other things), sat around with some teenagers, and offered sage advice that other parents would not give. They asked, mind you, what advice we would give to them, being sarcastic and all because they're all young and know not what they ask, to which I said..

When a police officer says to you 'Ask one more question and you're going to jail" - "WHAT FOR?" is not an appropriate answer.

We pondered this for a while. In the meantime:

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