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Corn Flakes: The Beginning Of The End Is Near!!!!

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Joe Robbins

There are votes coming in today from the NCAA on whether or not they're going to make some very significant changes that will allow the schools in the five biggest conferences expand scholarship benefits... well, everything that's talked about here.

The NCAA vote comes one day before Northwestern votes on whether or not they will unionize.

Some say these changes will bring about the end of college football as we know it. I doubt that's the case, but we all know how much we all love the hyperbole of the internets.

With regards to the NCAA changes, I'd say it's a step in the right direction. The big five conferences have enough money coming in that they could make life a little better for their college athletes rather than just continue to pour it into more Taj Mahal facilities and increased coach salaries.

Is it the beginning of the end? DISCUSS!

Statue of Joe Paterno planned for downtown State College in 2015 | Campus Union -


Mark Emmert discusses possible NCAA changes on eve of union vote at Northwestern |
NCAA President Mark Emmert believes college sports can address the concerns of union organizers without changing the entire model.

Sizing up Northwestern's union vote, O'Bannon case; Mailbag - College Football - Stewart Mandel -
College Football Mailbag: Stewart Mandel breaks down the Northwestern union movement's competitive impact, Ed O'Bannon case developments and much more.

At Northwestern, a Blitz to Defeat an Effort to Unionize -
As soon as an N.L.R.B. official ruled that the university’s scholarship football players had the right to unionize, Northwestern began a campaign to defeat the vote.

A Primer on the Northwestern-NLRB Decision and Its Effects | Arent Fox LLP, Law Firm

From real lawyers.

The athlete advocate: After 15 years fighting for NCAA athletes, Ramogi Huma is finally breaking through -

After 15 years fighting for NCAA athletes, Ramogi Huma is finally breaking through

Longform. I found it frustrating because it wouldn't load very well in my browser. Other complaint - I read it as more a rah-rah article about Huma than that informative. It didn't answer a question I have about the guy - how is he funded? I ask that because I inherently don't trust lawyers (although the article states Huma isn't a lawyer but has a degree in Public Health, there has to be lawyers involved because there are always lawyers involved). I trust them even less when they look altruistic because I don't believe there is such a thing.

Maybe I'm just a grouchy bastard, though, huh?

State Attorney reflects on Winston case, saying 'it was ugly'
State Attorney Willie Meggs presented a candid postmortem Tuesday of his experience with last year's "quarterback situation" involving a rape allegation against Florida State football star Jameis Winston.

Bo Pelini's yard sign stolen again | Local News - KETV Home
Over the weekend, police were looking into the apparent theft of a Cleveland Indians sign that once adorned Bo Pelini's front yard.