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This Week on Twitter XI: Roundabouts, Mack Brown and Easter

some people do weird stuff on Easter Sunday
some people do weird stuff on Easter Sunday
Cameron Spencer

Kenny Bell, Tommy Armstrong and their budding bromance.

You could probably say the same about Faux Pelini and Michigan State punter Mike Sadler.

He also tweeted at Bo Pelini and Mack Brown this week. You will be surprised to see who responded.

Tommy Armstrong and Ameer Abdullah have a heart to heart.

Jason Ankrah has some sage advice for their Twitter followers.

Lincoln Park Wildcat from Sippin on Purple, who sometimes visits the Corn Nation message board, made this discovery Wednesday night.

As we all know this spread across Twitter pretty fast. Let’s go to Faux Pelini for his thoughts on this hat.

It seems like Kenny Bell had a pretty interesting week.

He also doesn’t like one NCAA rule change.

Sam Burtch is disappointed that some drivers don’t know how a roundabout works.

Matt Finnin found something special in Stanton, Nebraska.

God tweeted these gems on the eve of Easter.

Snape did some pondering.

And last but not least.

I hope this cheered you up on Easter Monday. There were plenty of fantastic tweets this week so tell me which one made you spit out your morning coffee. If you missed it here is last week’s TWOT. GO BIG RED!!!