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Corn Flakes: The Best Practical Joke I Ever Pulled

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Honestly, I hate April Fool's Day, always have.

It's the idea that one day a year should be set aside for practical jokes with the idea that everyone knows what's coming, but can possibly be tricked into belief if only for a few seconds. Or a minute. Or at least until someone reminds them that it's April Fool's day.

I've been a practical joker all my life, so much though that I'm still paranoid (even though this was written on April Fool's Day 2008, the feeling lingers). I am a fan of them as long as they're not dangerous, but silly, and everyone can have a good laugh about it afterwards.

The best practical joke I ever pulled was at the expense of one of our members. He's been a friend since college, and a number of years ago (after college) a number of college friends were at his place in Iowa for a reunion. We all played golf (not something I normally do), then a number of us went to a small town bar afterwards. The host (and subsequent target) was not there.

While at the bar, we met some of his new friends and it was at that moment the plot was hatched. The plot was simple - a pre-planned "fight" between me and someone else. The first idea was that he'd start making fun of Nebraska football, to which I disagreed.

"He knows I would never get into a real fight over Husker football. However, I am Catholic, and if you made fun of that, we could catch him off guard."

Sure enough, later on at the party that night, the guy shows up. We're introduced (again, as the host doesn't know we've already met), and a few minutes later the guy says something nasty about Catholics. I don't respond immediately, but wait until the next line when he brings up the Pope at which point, I spring from my back yard chair and yell "YOU SONOFABITCH, DON'T BE MAKING FUN OF THE POPE!" and charge him.

I swing him around so that the host is behind me. All he can see is me grabbing this guy and swinging wildly, pretending to punch him in the stomach. The other guy is of course doubling over as if I'm killing him.

The point at which I know it's working is when the host is screaming at me, "Jon, JON, JON, JON!!!!!" and grabs me by the shoulder at which point I swing around, point at him and start laughing wildly at the look of sheer terror on his face. The other guests who are in on it do the same and the host is left bewildered for a few moments which makes it even more hilarious.

I owed him. You wouldn't believe what all these guys did to our car when Mrs CN and I got married.

The best April Fool's joke we did yesterday was one that you'd never have known unless I told you. I didn't actually write the April's Fool's joke about Creighton. That was put together with ideas from the CN staff and credited to me. You all fell for it, though, didn't you?

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Read the comments and you'll get the constant "they ran from the Big 12" crap they said about us.

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April Fools!

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What was your favorite joke yesterday?????

Let us know in the comments section!