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Carl Pelini Wrote A Book? Carl Wrote a Book!

A side of Carl Pelini you didn't expect?

Football Coach, Internet Folk Hero, and now...Author?
Football Coach, Internet Folk Hero, and now...Author?
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Carl Pelini, who received his Bachelor's in English Literature from Youngstown State in 1989 (this is relevant later on, trust me), went on KFAB this morning to discuss many things.

Probably a good idea, considering the manner in which he left FAU.  Pelini went on to characterize it as similar to what Frank Solich did in 2004.


Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, Carl.

If I had to guess, I'd assume the two staff members who were having an affair and the AD himself, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. (It is indeed against the two staff members for defamation and Pelini will pay for it out of pocket.) Check out Rich's article - there's more about Pelini and FAU AD Patrick Chun. (Pelini at one point calls FAU a glorified JUCO, so that was cute.)

But here's the most important bit:

More on the book from the Omaha World Herald:

"I think it would be very interesting to people who grew up in the American Northeast and experienced that first hand," he said. "Hopefully I can find somebody interested in publishing it."

What do you think, friends? What's the name of Carl's new book? What's the plot? What should Carl write next?

We can only assume this is a prequel novel, setting the stage for Pelini's NEW YORK TIMES BEST-THRILLER:

Set in the modern day, BROKEN PLAY is about a young football coach BUCK McGILLICUDDY whose reputation is destroyed by his right hand man and rising star STEVE POIGNARDER and his lover BETHANY HERRIN. Rising out of the ashes of his hometown in GOODBYE INDUSTRY, McGILLICUDDY has recently taken over as head football coach of the GULF COAST MAROONS, a small time school with big time dreams. But no sooner than he arrives, McGILLICUDDY discovers that life at the top is no walk in the park. As his team learns to play as one, McGILLICUDDY's staff is falling apart. Finding POIGNARDER and HERRIN in each others' arms one night, McGILLICUDDY quickly finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that could send his team spiralling out of control. With one final play to save his team and save his job, McGILLICUDDY races against the clock and against the machinations of POIGNARDER. Will he convert on fourth and forever? Or will his Hail Mary fall short? Find out in Penguin Book's BROKEN PLAY, available over the holiday season in 2015.

(h/t to Peter Sewell for the main character name. Thank you to all of the submissions. Including Jon's.)

Have at it in the comments. (But let's keep it PG13, please!)