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Nebraska vs. Fresno State Kickoff and Television Broadcast Announced

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West conference has announced that Nebraska's game at Fresno State will kick off at 9:30 pm central time on Saturday, September 13, and will be televised by the CBS Sports Network. Not to be confused with your local CBS television station that carries David Letterman, CSI, SEC football, and the NFL, the CBS Sports Network is a cable/satellite network that used to be called CSTV.

The CBS Sports Network is typically available on many cable systems in a sports package; as of last October, it was available in 53 million homes nationwide.  DirecTV carries CBSSN on channel 221 in the Choice Extra package; Dish Network carries it on channel 158.  Cox Cable Omaha carries CBSSN on channel 234, while Time Warner carries CBSSN on channel 332 in Nebraska.  CenturyLink does not carry CBSSN on their new Prism television service.

The CBS Sports Network has a channel finder where you can check to what channel the CBS Sports Network airs on in your area.

I suspect that this game could be a boon for sports bars in the state of Nebraska, as many fans may not be able to watch the game at home. I know my current cable provider (CenturyLink Prism) doesn't carry CBSSN, though I'll certainly be writing them to ask that they add it.

I'm not surprised by the late night kickoff, though I am surprised that the game won't be on an ESPN network. I suspect that CBS probably coveted the Nebraska game, as that's arguably the biggest name on the schedule.  (Mountain West teams also host games against Washington and Arizona State this season.)