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Corn Flakes: NCAA Takes Baby Steps But "Unlimited Food" Is Just Good PR

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Yesterday the NCAA legislative council voted to give all NCAA athletes, walk-ons or not, unlimited meals and snacks instead of just the three meals a day or free food vouchers. This isn't official until it's approved by the NCAA Board of Directors later on April 24th.

Will they approve such a measure? Most likely yes, although there's always the chance that some athletic departments will cry poor, I suppose, which really means I only trust the NCAA as far as I can throw them.

The decision to give out more food can be taken as nothing much more than good public relations for the NCAA. It eliminates articles such as referenced below (Shabazz Napier claimed hunger, which, really he claimed he was "starving") and puts the responsibility back on to individual schools as to whether or not they're going to provide additional food.

There were other rules recommended (not passed, remember) that focus on player safety, such as requiring that strength and conditioning coaches are certified from a nationally accredited certification body (hey, maybe it's one that's run by Mark Emmert's cousin), and requiring that a school staff member certified in CPR, first aid, and arterial defibrillation be required at all physical, COUNTABLE athletic activities.

The safety issues are common sense.

Still, there's not a lot of movement here, and that's what you can expect from the NCAA - baby steps. It's a bureaucracy bound by its own weight in rules, regulations, and the number and diversity of its membership. It can be thankful that the wheels of justice turn slowly.

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