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Corn Flakes: Not A Witty Day

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David McGee

I was going to write something witty this morning, but I had to have our 17-year old cat Jasmine put down, so I'm not really in the mood. She was a tiny, pretty Torty, but, she was not in good shape and it was time.

That leaves us with two - Max, the hunter/killer ex-farm cat, and Leo the incredibly stupid. Max is more dog than cat, and Leo... well, Leo really is stupid, but he knows that all he has to do is lay around and be cute sometimes and Mrs CN will fawn over him.

Here's some links!

Complaint filed against attorney used by NCAA in Miami scandal -
The Florida Bar alleged that Maria Elena Perez violated regulations regarding competence, diligence and candor toward the tribunal in the Nevin Shapiro case.

NCAA hires Duncan full-time as enforcement chief
Duncan's hiring accompanied an internal review of the enforcement division.

QB Chad Kelly kicked off Clemson football team for 'detrimental conduct' -

The nephew of Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly could be gone after two colorful seasons with the Tigers.

Wow. This dude needs some counseling. Or downers. Something.

2013-2014 Clemson-Georgia arrests/suspensions/dismissals tracker -
Four arrests for Georgia mean even more players will miss next season's opener between the Bulldogs and Tigers.

Here Are Nebraska Coaches' Talking Points About Unionization
How are other Big Ten schools handling the tectonic movements set off by the Northwestern football players' unionizing campaign? Very, very cautiously, it seems, to judge by the talking points handed down to Nebraska coaches by an associate athletic director.

Dear Anya, Bo owes you one for Saturday : Lincoln, NE Journal Star
Dear Anya, the world knows your name now, so tell us: Did you get a bead on the team during your cameo before the Spring Game? Good offense, bad defense?

Former Husker Jackson checking out BYU : Latest Husker News
Former Husker safety Harvey Jackson is reportedly in the process of checking out the BYU campus, as he looks for a place to play one more year of college ball

Analysis: Big Ten Spring Football «
How Did That Cat Not Kill Anybody? We’re presuming here, but it seems likely the cat found Bo Pelini’s natural cantankerousness an organic complement to her own cattish disposition, and comported herself accordingly.

The 2013-14 Nebrasketball Season Recap: That Went Well, huh? - Off Tackle Empire
Where we look at a season that was never supposed to work out this well.