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This Week on Twitter X: Doppler Effect, Wisdom Teeth and Bo Pelini's Cat

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

This may or may not actually have been posted on the UConn campus.

Meanwhile Faux Pelini countered with this gem.

He also tweeted this confession.

Faux Pelini also tweeted some very angry things at Kentucky coach John Calipari during the Kentucky-Connecticut championship game.

He kept himself busy on Twitter throughout this game.

And the icing on the cake.

Here is some of the best stuff on Twitter in the aftermath of UConn’s win.

Coach Miles seems pleased with a certain website’s preseason basketball rankings.

Prince Amukamara had his wisdom teeth removed.

Tunnel Walk of Shame shows some appreciation for the Husker Baseball team.

Faux Pelini is not impressed with UConn’s streak.

Carl is in trouble again.

TWOS came up with his own points system for the Spring Game.

The Husker football players and coaches have been tweeting at each other.

And Kenny Bell listed his favorite sporting events. Coach Rich Fisher only had one.

Huskers Golf tweeted at Faux Pelini and this is what ensued.

The Weather Channel tweeted at Faux Pelini again.

Nightline also tweeted back at Faux Pelini that day.

Speaking of felines, Bo Pelini’s cat made his public debut at the Husker Spring Game. Yes you are reading this correctly.

Of course you couldn’t go through the Spring Game without a selfie.

Even ESPN caught onto the cat craze.

And Faux Pelini thinks Bo needs to go a step further.

He also mocked the NCAA during the Masters on Sunday.

The dumb tweet of the month goes to this person.

I hope the tenth edition of This Week on Twitter made your Monday better! Which one was your favorite? If you missed last week’s TWOT click here. GO BIG RED!!!