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Corn Flakes: Big Ten Baseball, Vote For Tom And A Bag Man

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Because I haven't posted a picture of Tom Osborne for a while.
Because I haven't posted a picture of Tom Osborne for a while.
Eric Francis

Here's your Big Ten Baseball Series This Weekend:

Nebraska at Minnesota - Nebraska's huge sweep gave them a huge boost in morale and momentum. Can they keep it up against the Gophers at Siebert Field? (I hope to make it to a couple of these games.)

Michigan at Illinois - Illinois sits at 5-1 in conference, but those wins have come against Northwestern and Purdue. How will Illinois fair against a decent Michigan team?

Penn State at Ohio State - Penn State isn't good, but after last week's losses at Nebraska, it will be interesting to see how the Buckeyes respond.

Purdue at Michigan State - Not much going for Purdue, Sparty could/should get a sweep here.

Iowa at Northwestern - Iowa should pick up some wins here against a hapless Wildcat squad.

Morehead State at Indiana - Morehead State isn't awful (RPI around 191), but they're not much of a match for Indiana.

Big Ten coaches tournament final: Joe Paterno vs Tom Osborne - ESPN

It's finally time to settle our all-time Big Ten coaches tournament and declare a champion.

It's Tom Osborne vs Joe Paterno. Nebraska should easily win another online poll.

Western Illinois head coach Jim Molinari resigns -
Western Illinois announced the resignation of its head coach on Thursday night. Molinari is rumored to be under serious consideration for an assistant coach spot on Tim Miles' staff at Nebraska.

VT Basketball Looking Hard At JUCO Recruit DeShawn Freeman - Gobbler Country

Buzz Williams took a look at highly-regarded JUCO forward DeShawn Freeman. Is an offer forthcoming?

Nebraska basketball recruit.

Ohio State spring game 2014 rosters: Scarlet & Gray teams released - Land-Grant Holy Land

See who'll play for which side in the 2014 Ohio State spring game.

I know that you needed to know this.

The Struggles of a Die-Hard College Basketball Fan - BT Powerhouse
Wisconsin's run to the Final Four was incredible for a Badger fan, but all good things must come to an end.

Arkansas State Red Wolves auctioning off spring game coaching gig - ESPN

Arkansas State is auctioning off the right to coach in its spring football game, which takes place next Friday night. The winner of the eBay auction, which has a starting bid price of $2,500, gets to call the plays for one of the two teams.

How to fix the Hawkeyes?Fans have plenty of ideas | The Des Moines Register |

We asked readers what they would change to improve the Iowa men's basketball program. The Hawkeyes started the season in promising fashion before losing seven of their last eight

How to fix the Hawkeyes? I'm sure we could come up with some suggestions, huh?

UNLV football program banned from 2014 postseason for low APR scores | SI Wire

The true NFL fan's guide to 'Draft Day' -
Creating the illusion that the Browns have a functional front office is perhaps Costeners best acting job of all time.

Meet the Bag Man: How to buy college football players, in the words of a man who delivers the money -

How some college football players are bought, in the words of a man who delivers the money.

If you haven't read this, you need to, and that includes the comments, which can be summed up as SEC fans not denying that it happens, but that it happens everywhere, just not in the SEC.

You should read this, and share it, pass it on as much as possible.