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Corn Nation Takes Over The Big Red Cobcast

April Fool's at Corn Nation is over, but the jokes go on.

Ryan Tweedy

I've always wanted to have a job talking about the Huskers or filming the Huskers or interviewing the Huskers or whatevering the Huskers. As it turns out I'm not good with stats or jersey numbers or not playing beer ball during half time.

I am good at fart jokes.

And with that realization I bought some microphones, called my friend Joe and said, "Hey wanna do a podcast". Of course he couldn't turn down that amazing offer.

Joe has been a stand up comedian in New York, Chicago and now in Los Angeles and has worked for "The Second City" and "Boom Chicago". I perform improv in Los Angeles and have been accepted to perform in the Del Close Marathon in New York City twice. We both write and perform sketch comedy at various places. We have also asked many of our comedy buddies to help us, including Bob Wiltfong of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart". We only have one rule - everyone involved must have Husker roots.

We made "The Big Red Cobcast" so we could point out stuff that makes us laugh and get all the Husker talk out of our system so the ladies in our lives don't leave us. They aren't Nebraskans.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, like us on Facebook, and follow us on twitter:

We will also be on Corn Nation so talk to us here and tell us what you think but please keep in mind that Joe is really sensitive.