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Tuesday's Bird Bath: Major League Baseball Starts, UNLV Shades Diamond Jays

All the Blue News you need to know!

Those cheekbones though....
Those cheekbones though....
Eric Francis

Good morning! Did you hear the Bluebirds chirping? We did. Anyways, onto the news of the day.

But, before that, we have our new logo for the site.


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Last night, UNLV came to TD Ameritrade and took a quick one-gamer against the Jays 3-1. The Rebels, who just smoked the Huskers in Haymarket Park, scored the final 3 runs of the game after the Jays lead off the scoring in the third. The Jays head across town to play Omaha on Wednesday at Werner Park. First pitch scheduled for 6:30pm.

Our man Dougie McBuckets was named First Team All-American yesterday for the second year in a row.

I think winning the Battle of the Beaks is good, right?

The Greek community simply needs better leadership, like what Grant Gibbs and Dougie gave the Basketball team.

It's a big deal with investment fees as you get out of school. Don't let them eat up your 401K.

The Major League Baseball season started, and the SBNation group of Baseball blogs have great coverage of everything from Opening Day. It was a long day if you're a Royals or Rangers fan, while Cubs fans were status quo.

As you watch Baseball and the NIT quarters tonight, take a sip of this dandy wine for a decent fare. Pretty sure you can get it at Bakers.

I know the cold snap came through last night, but those sweater vests are going to be needing to hit storage soon. Therefore, here are some ways to take care of them through the summer months. Worst case scenario, you buy some new ones to go over that H***er shirt you'll wear to Lincoln.


(thanks oikoceo1)

Enjoy this Tuesday, you guys!