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Huskers 77 Wisconsin 68 Post-Game Dance Party

Eric Francis

The Huskers clinch a first round bye for the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament with a victory over #9 Wisconsin. Shavon Shields led the way with 26 points. Terran Petteway added 24 points in the victory that clinched fourth place for the preseason pick to finish dead last.  Ooops.

Before the game, most prognosticators had Nebraska either in, or on the edge of the tournament.  Well, tonight's victory should just put Nebraska in with every Bracketology expert.  Nebraska's going to the Big Dance!


We can dance if we want to...because if your friends don't dance, well they're no friend of mine!

Meanwhile at Pinnacle Bank Arena, they're literally Dancing on the Ceiling at this moment...

Jon wanted Gloria Gaynor's Last he gets it...

It's been so long since Nebraska's gone dancing, that they've torn down some of the places just like the local Palais...

So dance everybody! Celebrate here!