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Corn Flakes: Hidden Agendas!

Wesley Hitt

A little cheesy, yes. Rich Rod shouldn't count on any acting gigs in the near future and I don't think that BERT is capable of hiding an agenda because he's too much of a blunt instrument to ever get that far.

What's that in your pants, BERT, a kielbasa or a hidden agenda? (Hint: It's probably a kielbasa.)

In Other News In Random Order

SEC Baseball Roundup: Loads of Losses, But South Carolina Sweeps. Baseball America Ignores That - Team Speed Kills
It wasn't a good week for teams that were just squeaking into the Baseball America Top 25. But given what the magazine is doing elsewhere, that might not mean as much as it should.

Urban Meyer undergoes medical procedure, will coach this spring - Land-Grant Holy Land

According to Ohio State, Urban Meyer's undergone surgery this past weekend to alleviate symptoms related to headaches. He's expected to coach throughout the spring.

Start the talk about Urban Meyer's bad health!!! ARRGGGHHHH STRESSSSSS!

Report: Missouri, Gary Pinkel agree to new deal | SI Wire


Ex-Oklahoma coach Switzer: 'I'd never recruit a white quarterback' -

Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer told a Nashville radio station that he'd never recruit a white quarterback because he needed players who can throw and run.

Good ol' Barry - still loves to hear the sound of his own voice.

The Walt Disney Company and DISH Network Sign Groundbreaking Long-term, Wide-ranging Agreement " ESPN MediaZone ESPN MediaZone
I have Dish! I get the Longhorn Network! WOOOOHOOOOOO!O!O!O!O!!!!

Bracketology: Kansas finally cracks the top line -
Minnesota in, Nebraska out. What a load of crap. Tell me this isn't because we're not a traditional anything in basketball.

Hey, one of our users, Fake Pelini, created a games for Android. Try it and let us know if it's any good.

Then there's this:

And finally....

The Science of Cheese Is Weirder Than You Think |

Can you make cheese from human breast milk?

Talk about a question I would have never thought to ask in a million years.