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This Week on Twitter VIII: Johnny Stanton's least favorite things, Bohemian Rhapsody and the Bracket of Bo

Eric Francis

The 2014 Bracket of Bo was released on Tuesday.

The Huskers Twitter account was quick to fill out a bracket.

Former Husker women’s basketball star Lindsey Moore wasn’t pleased with one of the seedings.

TWOS wasn’t pleased either.

Meanwhile Carl Pelini moved back to Nebraska.

Tom Osborne was the answer to a Jeopardy question on Thursday and this is how the Huskers twitter account reacted.

For those who are curious here is a clip of that portion of Jeopardy. Did you answer all five correctly?

The Husker Women’s Gymnastics Coaching Staff rocks out to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Former Missouri wide receiver T.J. Moe and Faux Pelini have an interesting conversation.

The Girls Scout of Nebraska filled out the 2014 Bracket of Bo. Guess who was their winner?

Bo Pelini’s cat wasn’t pleased.

These are some things Johnny Stanton does not enjoy.

UConn’s Twitter account tweeted at Barack Obama after their win over Michigan State on Sunday.

And Faux Pelini was a little angry at Sparty.

Last but not least, something from March Madness that might give you nightmares.

What was your favorite tweet from the past week? Let me know in the comment section! Here is last week's TWOT for those who missed it. GO BIG RED!!!