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Nebraska Football: Colorado Transfer Alex Lewis To Serve 45 Days Jail In May '13 Assault

The Offensive Linemen will join former CU Quarterback Jordan Webb in serving 2 years of probation for the May 11th fight.

This is the only pic we have of Lewis. Sorry.
This is the only pic we have of Lewis. Sorry.

In a sense of closure, new Nebraska Offensive Lineman Alex Lewis will be serving 45 days in a Boulder, Colorado jail for his role in a altercation he was in back on May 11th of last year with former Buffs Quarterback Jordan Webb.

Lewis, who is participating with the Huskers in their Spring Football practices, pleaded guilty back in December to a third-degree assault charge. In exchange for the plea deal, Boulder prosecutors dropped four other counts, including two felony counts.

Webb and Lewis will also be required to serve two years probation in accordance with the sentencing. Lewis will be allowed to serve his probation in Nebraska. While Webb was not given jail time, he was sentenced to 20 days with a work crew.

Back on May 11th,Webb and Lewis got into a fight with Lee Bussey, a 22 year old Air Force Academy Cadet. In the initial report, Lewis pushed Bussey's head into a brick wall before both Lewis and Webb pushed Bussey to the ground, and then began punching him.

Back in November, attorney's for Lewis tried to get the assault charges thrown out considering that Lewis's physical size shouldn't have been held against him. This charge was thrown out by a Boulder judge, which brought up the plea deal in December and the sentencing today.

It will be interesting to see how Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini handles this item. While Lewis was fighting this case, Pelini stated back in the 2013 B1G Media Days that he would take a wait and see approach with Lewis and his case, stating "there are no guarantees for Alex Lewis. There never were'.

Right before B1G Media Days last year, former Huskers Thomas Brown and Ernest Suttles were dismissed from the team for assaulting a player before the season. Whether that happens with Lewis remains to be seen, however one would say that Pelini and Jeff Jamrog did know this was a possibility when Lewis started practicing with Big Red.