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Corn Flakes: Cars Are Conspiring Against Me

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a great week so far! I've put around $1,200 into vehicles this week, and the week is only half over, which honestly, means, there is more repair work to be done and discovered! I have that beautiful grinding metal sound on the front end of my car, which means the left brake is screwed up again, won't release and has worn itself down to nothing while I've been listening to really loud music and didn't bother to notice!

What the hell is it - my fleet of family cars is too old to have the intelligence to communicate with each other so they can plan their breakdowns all together...


Just think, at one point, diapers seemed so expensive.

125 Seasons of Football - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

125 Seasons of Football Fan Ticket Poll

You can go vote for what will be on a Nebraska football ticket. It's fan interaction! It's fan interaction that's so fucking annoying I have stopped following the #huskers hashtag until the vote is over because it's so filled with the same redundant shit now.

Really, if you're going to do something like this, you should always build a third option that basically says "Don't annoy the living shit out of everyone around me." - because that's eventually what these things do when they're tied so closely to social media.

PISTULKA: 3 Nebraska wrestlers have chance to leave legacy at NCAAs - Daily Nebraskan: Sports
The No. 7 Nebraska wrestling team is sending seven of its athletes to the NCAA Wrestling Championships, three of which have a very substantial chance of winning their respective weight class. Juniors Jake Sueflohn, James Green and Robert Kokesh are all seeded in the top six. Sueflohn is the No. 6 seed at 149 pounds, Green the No. 1 seed at 157 and Kokesh the No. 3 seed at 174.

Big Ten NCAA Tournament Odds - MSU, Michigan, and Wisconsin Lead The Way - BT Powerhouse
New NCAA title odds are out and a few Big Ten teams have been given pretty good odds.

How 2010-2014 conference realignment affected recruiting (so far) -
The most recent wave of realignment has ended, and now we'll spend the next few years figuring out the impact. Here's a look at how the recruiting landscape has changed.

NCAA Tournament 2014: Projecting Your Bracket With Stats to Beat the Experts - The Daily Gopher

TDG loves you and wants you to be happy. That's why we created an interactive tool to help you win your bracket pool with advanced stats!

This is pretty cool, actually.

Bracket Challenge

We are doing a Bracket Challenge. I'll be giving away a Corn Nation t-shirt. Not much of a prize, really, but there are rules and stipulations and all that shit. We'll have a formal post on it once I assemble all that and put it together in a package as required.

This is a pool on Yahoo, where all our contests will be run, per legal.

Join here.

You probably missed this.